Laurynas Adomaitis: Workshop on Artefacts and Objects of Nature

Rupert is very pleased to invite Lithuanian philosopher Laurynas Adomaitis to lead a series of workshops on artefacts and objects of nature for the 6th Rupert Alternative Education program. The series of 3 workshops is dedicated… More

13 April, 2018, 5 pm

Megan Plunkett – Me as a Dog

On Friday, April 13th from 5 pm,  we invite you to debut of “Me as a Dog”, current Rupert artist-in-residence Megan Plunkett’s installation of recent photographic works at Vilnius bar Who Hit John (Didžioji… More

Permanent installation by Zuzanna Czebatul at Rupert

On the 28th March, we invite you to the opening of Zuzanna Czebatul’s new installation Untitled (Beach Towel, 2018), to be permanently installed in Pakrantė’s grounds.  The work, based on an abandoned beach towel,… More