Mini Film Program “Sun”

Mini film program “Saulė” (“Sun”) is composed of films suited to the big screen, yet equally legible as video recordings in various forms. We feel it is important to have a chance to see lives, nature… More

Circus Engelbregt: Mind Your Head

The event will take place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lecture Hall 112 (Maironio St. 3, New building) at 6 pm. Sometimes it seems as if society is stuck in a rut. People have… More

Mirosław Bałka and Kasia Redzisz: “Otwock”

Rupert and the Polish Institute in Vilnius welcome you to a an event featuring artist Mirosław Bałka and curator Kasia Redzisz who will speak about their work with “Otwock”, a project exploring relations between art, place… More

Laure Prouvost: Towards Burrow Me

Rupert would like to invite you all to an evening of films, stories and conversations with artist Laure Prouvost. The night will serve as an introduction to Prouvost’s upcoming solo show at Rupert which… More

Mediated Monologues with Isla Leaver-Yap

Mediated Monologues is a one-sided conversation with writers living, dead and automated. The event will take place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lecture Hall 112 (Maironio St. 3, New building) at 5 pm Isla… More


For the opening event of the 3rd edition of our Educational program we hosted an anti-bizutage event playing on hazing tropes and mimicking the multifarious processes of initiation that hazing as a term has… More

Trip to Plungė with Antanas Gerlikas and Juozas Laivys

Rupert’s Educational Program participants, joined by two of our current residents (Matthew Rana and Matthew Shannon), took their first field trip of the year to Žemaitija region in the northwest of Lithuania. The itinerary… More

The Last Bus Out

An unhealthy evening of films watched one after the other as one programmed rosary. Including films by David Lamelas, The Desert People, 1974 / Timothy Carey’s 1962 underground classic ‘The worlds greatest sinner’ /… More

Rupert at Komplot: Apples in a State of Tax Levy

Vytenis Burokas, Justė Jonutytė, Tim Kliukoit, Augustas Serapinas and Maya Tounta During the last few months, Vilnius-based artists Augustas Serapinas, Vytenis Burokas and Tim Kliukoit, improvised a fruit press and a grinder. For their… More

A River Ferry by Educational Program Alumnus Justinas Dūdėnas

Justinas Dūdėnas – architect, semiotician and 2013-2014 Educational Program alumnus – successfully trialled his new ferry project on October 4th. In continuation of his program project, Dūdėnas’ unique swing ferry connected the premises of… More

Break Dance Workshop

Dear All, Break, dance, work, shake, lava, ice, potatoes, Aneta’s novel, news, the cats’ gazette, vinyl, smoke breaks, Google Docs, balls, flightless birds, breaking beats, swinging, soggy and soft monuments, a smell, an explosion,… More

Rupert invites: Basia Lewandowska Cummings

On Wednesday, 6 August, at 12 noon Rupert will host a talk by a London-based writer, editor and curator Basia Lewandowska Cummings, marking the end of this year’s Educational Program. What differing strategies are… More

Artist Talk. Andre Guedes

Rupert invites you to an Artist Talk by a Lisbon-based artist André Guedes. The talk is organised by Rupert and will take place at the CAC Reading Room on Saturday, 28 June, 3 pm…. More

An Artist and a Rover

In an essay about correspondence art, Edward M. Plunkett posits, tongue-in-cheek, that communication as an art form is an ancient tradition dating back to when Cleopatra had herself delivered to Julius Caesar in a… More

Night at the Knowledge Museum: Rupert at Culture Night

On 20 June, Friday, Rupert is joining the lineup of “Culture Night” events and is inviting you to spend the evening in Dan and Lia Perjovschi’s exhibitions. From 6 to 9.30 pm. „Knowledge Museum… More

The Lottery: Open Forum & Experimental Exhibition Modes Workshop

Rupert invites you to “The Lottery”, an open forum and experimental exhibition modes workshop, hosted by Rupert’s educational program participant Jacquelyn Davis and Scandinavia-based curators, critics, and researchers Power Ekroth, Stefanie Hessler, Alida Ivanov… More

David Bernstein: Cheers to the Miss standing under the table doing karate

We invite you to a celebration of wood on the first official day of summer. David Bernstein, artist in residence, will present his new wooden sculpture, a table with a single leg carved as… More

Robin Vanbesien: Stray Fire / Ships to Sink Like This

From 22:00-23:30 on Friday 30 May 2014, Rupert invites you to a screening of two new video productions by Robin Vanbesien, artist in residence, on a wall in Reformatų skveras in Vilnius. stray fire… More

Claire Bishop: Deja Vu. Contemporary Art and the Ghosts of Modernism

Rupert is thrilled to announce the next guest of the program – art historian and critic Claire Bishop. While in Rupert, Claire Bishop will meet with Rupert’s Educational Program participants and current residents for… More

Sebastian Cichocki: Nothing is New, Neither is Anything Old

“Nothing is new, neither is anything old”  – Robert Smithson On 8 May, Thursday, 6 pm Rupert welcomes Sebastian Cichocki, writer, curator and Deputy Director at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, to give… More

Maya Mikelsone: Table Culture Workshop

Next Saturday, 19 April Rupert invites you to participate in resident’s Maya Mikelsone’s ‘Table Culture Workshop’. After more than twenty years of Soviet Union’s collapse and the introduction of a new political and economical… More

Our Extra-Sensory Selves: A Development Circle In  Experimental Mediumship

While at Rupert, resident Allison Gibbs is becoming mediumistic as a methodology; by attempting to learn and embody the sensibilities and practices of a medium to consider extra-sensory practice as a mode of radical,… More


Rupert invites all for an Open Studios session this Saturday, March 29. Rupert residents Allison Gibbs, Lucas Dillon and Sebastian Rozenberg will open the doors of their studios to the public and talk about… More

Rupert invites: Marten Spangberg

Rupert invites Mårten Spångberg for a public 3-day workshop and a talk on choreographic practice, the increasing monetization of identity and performativity in art production, object-oriented ontology, Accelerationism, politics and aesthetics, possibility and potentiality… More

Valentina Desideri: Studio Practice

What if study is what we do with others? What if study is a social practice that needs rehearsal? What if we study in the studio? What if the studio is a dance studio?… More

Rupert invites: Kristupas Sabolius

On Tuesday, 4 March 6:30 pm Rupert invites Kristupas Sabolius to present the ideas proposed in his new book “Įsivaizduojamybė” (Eng. “The Imaginary”), which deals with the topics of imagination, technology, virtuality, cinema and art…. More

Creative Writing Workshop: Re-Contextualizing American Colonialism & Patriotism

On Sunday, 19 January this year, Rupert is glad to invite you to a writing workshop hosted by Rupert Educational program participant Jacquelyn Davis: “[…] In light of recently visiting a traditional museum in… More

Chris Fitzpatrick: “2012”

Objectif Exhibitions is an internationally-focused contemporary art centre located in Antwerp, Belgium. It was founded in 1999, and hires a new director every four years. Since taking the position in 2012, Chris Fitzpatrick has… More

Niklas Tafra presents Sanna Marander

There is an exhibition that travels in a wallet. There are too many curators. Sanna Marander works with text. Text which in this case is actually expressed by Jurgis Griškevičius. A text about text-pieces… More