Justinas Dūdėnas

Justinas Dūdėnas (b. 1982, Vilnius) is a graduate in architecture and semiotics, freelance architect and artist. He joined educational program to explore spatial and social impacts of emergence of Rupert in its small yet complex… More

Vsevold Kovalevskij

Vsevolod Kovalevskij (b. 1988 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lives and works between Vilnius ant Tromsø). Vsevolod’s practice is based on critical thought, his works are driven by research and in that he creates tools to… More

Vytenis Burokas

Vytenis Burokas (b. 1990) is an artist based in Vilnius. He creates art informed by the visible manifestations of history in architecture and common space, documenting time passing and cataloguing movements that form the… More

Alex Davidson

Alex Davidson (b. 1987, South Africa) is a writer and curator from New Zealand. At Rupert, she tried to more fully understand the local context while continuing her research based loosely around a comparison between… More

Augustas Serapinas

Augustas Serapinas (b. 1990, Vilnius, Lithuania) is an artist currently based in Vilnius. While in Rupert, he was exploring the town looking for secret, hidden places.

Tim Kliukoit

Tim Kliukoit (b. 1984, Vilnius, Lithuania) is an artist currently based in Vilnius and a recent graduate from M.A. studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Tim works in media of object and image installation,… More

Jacquelyn Davis

Jacquelyn Davis (b. 1980, USA) is a writer, critic, editor and curator currently based in Stockholm. While in Vilnius, Jacquelyn orchestrated “The Lottery”, inspired by Shirley Jackson’s short story: an experimental exhibition platform and… More