Monika Janulevičiūtė & Antanas Lučiūnas

Monika Janulevičiūtė (b. 1990, Lithuania) and Antanas Lučiūnas (b. 1997, Lithuania) work as an artist duo. Although they are coming from slightly different but interlocking perspectives of art field, in search of ways and… More

Rytis Urbanskas

Rytis Urbanskas (b. 1991, LT) graduated from Vilnius Art Academy in 2017 with a Master’s in Sculpture. Rytis explores the relationships formed between listener and the sound emitter by manipulating both sound equipment and… More

Milda Januševičiūtė

Milda Januševičiūtė (b. 1990, LT) has recently finished Master’s degree in Arts and Culture Sociology at Erasmus University of Rotterdam and is currently working at A Tale of a Tub gallery, Rotterdam. Before completing… More

Marjolein van der Loo

Marjolein van der Loo (b. 1987, NL) has had several positions in the arts, ranging from curator of exhibitions to a facilitator in public and educational programmes. She organises close collaborations and collectively produces… More

Naglis Kristijonas Zakaras

Naglis Kristijonas Zakaras (b. 1991, LT) recently completed his Master’s in Sculpture at Vilnius Art Academy (2017). His artistic practice looks closely at history and explores the relationship between the individual and art object…. More

Ona Juciūtė

Ona Juciūtė (b. 1988, LT) is a visual artist. Her practice could be described briefly as involving the transformation of visual experiences into physical objects. She is currently doing a Master’s degree in Sculpture… More

Vytautas Stakutis

Vytautas Stakutis (b. 1990, LT) is an artist, illustrator. He graduated from Vilnius Technology and Design College, Graphic Design degree. He is drawn to urban life themes exploring commonness and daily surroundings. In Rupert,… More