24 October, 2017

Hi there,

One friend recently told me an anecdotal story that one could disseminate three types of people: those who co-exist in a cage and can’t see it as they can’t feel or grasp the its borders, the second type that feels the borders somewhere but always tries to push the thought back by constructing a new temporary workaround every now and then, and, finally, the third group – those who sit at the fence with rasps in their hands, day in day out grinding the bars relentlessly. Sound a bit like Marxist Plato mixed with Lithuanian sense of humour but she wasn’t far from truth there. Well, just add feelings (no matter what they say or do, no matter what drugs, songs, people or machines may do…to you) and the Bay Area map of ideals to that and there you have it – all the modes of meaningness.

While we’re on the topic of frameworks and feelings, we’re delighted to announce Rupert residents for January – June 2018: Abri de Swardt (ZA), Chloe Stead (UK), Christopher Aque (USA), Daphné Boxer (CA) & Eli Kerr (CA), Ellie Hunter (USA), Guillaume Adjutor Provost (CA), Yan Xing (CN/USA), Ioanna Gerakidi (GR/NL), Isabel Legate (USA), Jacob Dwyer (UK/NL), Laurie Kang (CA), Leah Clements (UK), Megan Plunkett (USA), Santiago Taccetti (AR/DE),  Viltė Bražiūnaitė (LT/AU) & Tomas Sinkevičius (LT/SE), Zuzanna Czebatul (PL/DE).

That reminds me how great it was to meet up again with so many of former residents in London during Frieze week. Hope to see more of you folks at current residents Nina Frankova’s & Marije Gertenbach’s presentation of work this week at Rupert from 5.30pm. Also, 1857 and Rupert are pleased to invite you to “Rupert at 1857”, a night of performances by Lithuanian artists in Oslo. Augustas Serapinas’ “Gym” and Lina Lapelytė’s new performance featuring musicians Liudas Mockūnas and Ilva Juodpusytė will be presented on the night celebrating the last months of the space’s physical existence. And those who can’t make it to any of these two, please do not forget to follow all the latest news on Facebook, Instagram and our newly renewed website.
See you soon,

In Residence

Marije Gertenbach

Marije Gertenbach (b. 1990, NL) currently works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Gertenbach was artist-in-residence at Residency Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. She uses painting as main communicator. In her work she is looking at different ways a painting takes place in society and what sort of role it could play.

At Rupert she will be working on The Undimentional Reality where she will focus on the choreography of the space. She is curious for how visitors will be invited to participate in the space, and how this will allow them to interact with spaces and objects inside.

In Residence

Kate Brown & Maurin Dietrich

Kate Brown (b. 1988, CA/DE) is an independent curator and co-director and founder of the non-profit gallery and residency Ashley Berlin. She has curated independent projects at Kunstsaele Berlin and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and has contributed writing for several galleries and publications.

Maurin Dietrich (b. 1990, DE) is Assistant Curator at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin where she programs performance, exhibitions, and publications. With Armen Avanessian she coordinated the Young Curators Workshop for Berlin Biennale 9. Dietrich has contributed to several publications and exhibition catalogues. 

For the duration of their stay at RUPERT, the duo will develop their ongoing curatorial project When she awoke the dinosaur was still there as well as bring together its accompanying publication layout and text.

Exhibition Opening
25 November, 4 pm, Rupert (Vaidilutės str. 79)

Lina Lapelytė: Pirouette

Rupert is pleased to invite you to the first solo exhibition of Lithuanian artist Lina Lapelytė. The performance – based show will include a commission of a new performance series presented in an environment created by architect Mantas Petraitis. The exhibition is curated by Rupert’s Director Justė Jonutytė and partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The show will be open from 26 November until 17 December, 2017. For more info, click here.

Showcase of work
25 October, 5.30 pm, Rupert (Vaidilutės str. 79)

The Current Work of Nina Fránková and Marije Gertenbach

Unlike most exhibitions, which deal with end products, this show deals with by-products: with
the press proofs, original art and photographs that current artists-in- residence Nina Fránková and
Marije Gertenbach may use or discard in their work. The artists will welcome you to look at their current work, drink
some aquavit, and to take home any one part of the presented work (free) that you like. For more, click here.

In Residence

Nina Fránková

Nina Fránková (b. 1987, CZ) works across sculpture, photography, moving image, text, design, drawing, site-specific projects and interdisciplinary research. She is based in Prague and Amsterdam. Her artistic practice has been supported by the Mondriaan fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent in 2016-2017 (NL).

In RUPERT she will work on her collection of images and photographs from an ongoing project called Pipiny. The project consists of archived visual documentation and theoretical research on particular symbol and similarly related forms. She will focus on preparing materials for upcoming publication and apply the images in installation.