5 September, 2017

Hi there,

Seasons are changing and if you currently find yourself in the Baltic region, you know that you’re up for a 5 to 6 month long rally of rain, dampness, some wind, pretty dark mornings and dim evenings, eventually snow. And then the unpredictable fluctuation, giving short-lived hope and disappointment, sometimes leaving one bewildered, like, what the hell is going on. This is good for working, a more pensive time of the year they say… *uh-uhm*! Apparently, proto-Lithuanian ancestors decided not to participate in the Migration Period too much, we grow and eat plenty of potatoes now, you lose some, you win some then? And while we’re on topic of survival in harsh conditions, the hitchbot relying on human kindness didn’t make it, well.. We all want to be liked (even adored) and empathy’s no easy feat.
While we’re on the topic of work, we had to really pull our socks up last week! The astounding amount of applications for our Residency Program 2018 we received this round took us by (a pleasant) surprise and we can’t be more thrilled for what next year brings. The announcement of final residency selection is scheduled for the end of this month, so stay tuned in on our Facebook, Instagram and Rupert website.
In the meanwhile, there are two events I look forward to especially, this Thursday, 7 September, 7pm, current resident Ragna Bley invites all to a tasting & reading ‘SUPERBODY SWEET’ held by Editorial (Latako str. 3). On Saturday, 9 September, 8pm, concert and Vilnius Gallery Weekend unofficial closing party ‘Encode // Dance Ring // Enchanted’ with current Rupert resident Rachael Melanson (aka Rosen), Miša Skalskis (aka ang3l_sp1der), Renick Bell, Calum Gunn will perform live at Rupert (Vaidilutės str. 79), there’s a promise of algorave – enhancing limbs, dancing off moon patterns.
This is it peeps, write ya next month,
until then, Ciao!


In residence

Simon Dybbroe Møller

Simon Dybbroe Møller (b. 1976, Denmark) grew up in Greenland, currently lives in Berlin (DE). Simon Dybbroe Møller studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main (DE). Møller is currently working on commissions for the Kunstverein München (DE), MAAT, Lisbon (PT) and the Beaufort Triennial (BE). The artist makes video and sculpture that is visually imitative and formally quotational. Borrowing models for fetishization from contemporary cargo cults or the animism of the tech world, Simon Dybbroe Møller deals with things that are too late; things that fulfill desires that have already been thoroughly discussed and articulated, but have been missing a body. He takes seemingly mundane objects and beings – a car, a camera, a bird, a poet –  and holds them up against the light to reveal qualities that make them reflective of where we are now.  At Rupert Simon will work on a text about the adjective “photographic”.

In residence

Vera Karlsson

Vera Karlsson (b. 1990, Sweden), is currently based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She works across mediums of installation, music, writing, video, sculpture, painting, and drawing. Karlsson studied at Slade School of Fine Arts (London, UK) and since 2016 is a Fine Art student at Städelschule Frankfurt am Main (DE).

During the residency at Rupert, she will work with her music recordings and develop ideas for a video. Her practice that predominantly uses video and installation has disruption and display as modus operandi. Language, sound and image is often arranged in a composition of cut up’s and narrated by the artists or other persons/personifications. Using the style of ‘automatic writing’ mixed with quoted materials creating a prose that disjoints the outcome. The guidance that involves you into the conspiracy of a narrative, or whatever is going on, that equally disrupts, veils and unveils itself. Diverts the comforting storyline, poetry or music, so confronts the audience that is being seduced. The work is imitating the private space of the mind that automatically reads information and so makes connections and the public display and formation of the subject in the everyday passage between public/private spaces, dreams, screens and advertisement, drawing between the past and the potent and pregnant future.

Tasting event & Reading
Thu, 7 September, 7 pm

Ragna Bley: Superbody Sweet

Rupert is pleased to invite you all to a Tasting Event & Reading SUPERBODY SWEET by a current artist-in-residence Ragna Bley (SE). The event is organised by Editorial and will take place at their project space (Latako st. 3, Vilnius,) on Thursday, 7 September, 7:00 pm. For more info, please click here.

Sat, 9 September, 8–11 pm

Encode // Dance Ring // Enchanted

Rupert kindly invites you to a concert ‘Encode // Dance Ring // Enchanted’. Rosen (live), Renick Bell (live), Calum Gunn (live) and ang3l_sp1der (live) will perform during the event. The event will take place on 9 September, Saturday. It will begin at 8 pm in the courtyard. The concert will take place in the Pakrantė gallery space (Vaidilutės g. 79). The concert is the unofficial closing party of Vilnius Gallery Weekend. Entrance – donation from 3 EUR. For more info, please click here.

In residence

Rachael Melanson

Rachael Melanson (b.1987, a.k.a. Rosen) is a transmedia artist from the UK who plays with the fissure between author/reader and online/offline environments. She has recently performed at Issue Project Room, New York in collaboration with Quantum Natives (2017); New Forms Festival, Vancouver (2016); and presented work created during residency at The Banff Centre as part of group show, ‘Vaporents’ at VOIDOID Archive, Glasgow (2016).

At Rupert, Rachael will be continuing work on ‘pOrtals’, an ongoing collaborative world building and storytelling exercise, which began in 2014 and finds inspiration in immersive text-adventure formats.