November, 2016

Curator, former Rupert resident Jo-ey Tang is presenting a screening of film endings “More More Than Lovers,, More More Than Than Friends“ in Vilnius with many international artists and curators contributing to the project this Saturday, 22 October at Ozo kino salė (Ozo str. 4). Find more about the screening here. Adding to the very vibrant weekend, former resident Hanni Kamaly is opening an exhibition ‘iirc I thought I knew’ on 21 October at ‘All Welcome’ (Šaltinių st. 7a).

On November 6th we will have the culmination of our collaboration with Unthinkable research platform in the form of all day long Nomos Workshop at Rupert. Together, we will form a large research group to investigate the cardinal threads pertinent to rethinking our contemporary nomoi (plural of nomos). Nick Srnicek, co-author of Inventing the Future, and Pete Wolfendale are confirmed as videocall guests for the workshop. If you would like to learn more or join the workshop, you can still can do that here.

Last but not least, we are pleased to announce the selection of the following group of artists and curators to take part in Rupert’s Residency Program for the period of January – June 2017. Candidates were selected through a public Open Call. Final selections jury consisted of Zane Onckule, programe director at kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga (Latvia), Rupert’s director Justė Jonutytė and Rupert’s residency coordinator Adomas Narkevičius. We would like to congratulate upcoming residents Josh Bitelli (b.1989, UK), Lorraine Chateaux (b. 1986, France), Marije Gertenbach (b. 1990, The Netherlands), Byzantia Harlow (b. 1986, UK), Martin Kohout (b. 1984, Czech Republic/Germany), James Lewis (b. 1986, UK/Austria), Jenine Marsh (b. 1984, Canada), Anna-Bella Papp (b. 1988, Romania/Belgium), Borbála Soós (b. 1984, Hungary/UK), Marco Strappato (b. 1982, Italy/UK), Cara Tolmie (b. 1984, UK), Demelza Watts (b. 1990, UK), Elvia Wilk (b. 1989, Germany), Merike Estna (b. 1980, Estonia/UK), Hanna Kaljo (b. 1989, Estonia/UK) and Daria Melnikova (b. 1984, Latvia). For more information, go to our website . The Open Call for residencies for the second part of 2017 will be announced this winter, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.