RadicalxChange (RxC) is a global movement for next-generation political economies. We’re committed to advancing plurality, equality, community, and decentralization through upgrading democracy, markets, the data economy, the commons, and identity.

Founded by economist Glen Weyl in 2018, the RadicalxChange Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing the RxC movement, to building community, and to education about democratic innovation.

RxC connects people from all walks of life – ranging from social scientists and technologists to artists and activists. The movement is ever-evolving and we always welcome new people and ideas to make our social world more diverse, equal, and free.

Matt Prewitt is President of RadicalxChange Foundation and a writer, technologist, and lawyer. His work concerns the problem of the concentration of power. As an advocate, he litigated antitrust cases. At RadicalxChange Foundation, he has helped develop transformative ideas and experiments concerning democratic governance, from working with governments on new voting and citizen consultation methodologies, to developing platforms for radically shared ownership and management of art, intellectual property, and other assets.