20 November 2018


I hope this email finds you –actually, I’d like to be frank and admit that this time I am not sure if this email does find you well. The subtle expectation in this auto-work-email-preface is that the missive should reach the other in expectation, waiting and ready for it, and feeling well enough to receive it. It’s polished, concrete. But are things really so painless, so well, in a time when so many of us are dealing with quite different realities? This isn’t to say that everything is bleak and hopeless, winter coming aside. Rather, it is to remind us of the learnt patterns of reading, listening, speaking and writing. Patterns reinforced in neural pathways everyday through repetition, now with some help from Google. I felt an urgency to slightly deform the smooth, soft tissue of this particular newsletter. To snap out of it for a little while.

              Hopefully, this is a fitting intro to the talk Art at Risk that we will host on November 22th by the writer, musician and curator Jörg Heiser. He will discuss the role of the curator in a shifting political landscape. The curator is more and more seen as a villain, an inevitably phoney, centrist figure caught between the pressures of the market, globally rising conservative and localist policies and the radical, critical gestures of the artists on the left, the people they are supposed to work with.

              It will be followed by the yearly Rupert auction, with works or performances by artists Pakui Hardware, Rutenė Merk, Vytenis Burokas, Robertas Narkus among others and a selection of music by DODOMUNDO. The event is dedicated to supporting and fundraising for next year’s educational activities at Rupert.

              Rupert’s Public Programme this year ends with a performative lecture by Lithuanian artist collective Pakui Hardware. The event is set to take place at Rupert on December 12th. Don’t forget to have a look for the December newsletter to learn more.

              Keep an eye out for Rupert’s website, Instagram and Facebook to find out about the programming and open calls for next year!

Speak soon,

       Photo by Evgenia Levin. Dungeon TT  performance-installation by Martin Kohout and Lars TCF Holdhus, 10 November 2018, Rupert, Vilnius

Thu, 22 November, 6 pm

Jörg Heiser: Art at Risk

Rupert is pleased to invite you to a talk given by art critic, researcher and writer Jörg Heiser –  ‘Art at Risk’. It will take place at Vilnius Academy of Arts. More

IN residence

Philomene Pirecki

Philomene Pirecki (Jersey CI) is a multidisciplinary artist based in London working with photography, painting, sculpture, sound, video and writing. At Rupert, Philomene will develop her ongoing research in the form of sound, photographs, drawings and work towards an audio-visual performance.

in residence

Cooper Jacoby

Cooper Jacoby (USA) is an artist based in LA. At Rupert, Jacoby will continue an ongoing project centered around the Radio Nurse, the world’s first baby monitor. Ventriloquizing this seminal device designed by Isamu Noguchi, Jacoby will develop a multi-channel audio text which is loosely structured around the format of a radio play to be performed by a chorus of sculptures.