Abri de Swardt & Yan Xing – The Difficulty of Saying I

Yan Xing, still from Across the River and into the Trees (2016) Rupert is pleased to invite all to The Difficulty of Saying I, a showcase of films by current Rupert residents, artists Abri de Swardt and Yan Xing…. More

Anna Gritz: Roberta, Lorna and Lynn

 THE EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED. NEW TIME & DATE – TBA. Rupert is pleased to invite all to a public talk, ‘Roberta, Lorna and Lynn’ by Anna Gritz, writer and curator at the KW… More

Laurynas Adomaitis: Workshop on Artefacts and Objects of Nature

Rupert is very pleased to invite Lithuanian philosopher Laurynas Adomaitis to lead a series of workshops on artefacts and objects of nature for the 6th Rupert Alternative Education program. The series of 3 workshops is dedicated… More