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Things that we were thinking with

We have chosen a sentence to title the final event of the 8th edition of Rupert's alternative education programme: The things we were thinking with. There are multiple contexts and references possible with a sentence like this; which things and who are the ‘we’? The thirteen selected artists, curators, thinkers, researchers and hackers have, over the past five months, thought together and with various things, considering how things are material objects, webs and flows that we play, dream and imagine with. Like us, things are always here and coming into being. The things we were thinking with presents a glimpse of an enchanting voyeur into the worlds that are becoming. The event simultaneously gives access to the process of programme and is a part of an alternative education.
The current situation insists on keeping things digital, so we comply and offer rectangular views of vibrant worlds.

Jurgis Bernatonis

Protein Garden

Video, mixed media instalation, 5' 00'', 2020

During the last 5 months, I was collecting data on various proteins. Using that data, I created a series of algorithmic sequences to simulate the growth of new protein structures. After the code was written, I facilitated these computing processes at a garden site as a growth variable.

Protein Garden investigates archived digital protein data, the biases of engines interpreting algorithms, and material realities. In structural biology, graphical representations help to better understand complex assemblies, nucleic acids, and play a major role in the communication of gathered data. While visual depiction helps make sense of large amounts of complex numerical data that otherwise would be incomprehensible to humans, it’s also essentially prone to exclusion, leaving many stories untold.

The installation was architected and dug with a shovel in my parent's garden, in-between strawberries and dill. The construction was built and active for 1 week. While my program still contains bugs and worms, it produced new protein structures which I am showcasing in the video.

Jurgis Bernatonis
26th of November, 18:00

Céline Mathieu


Text and audio recording, 7' 46'', 2020


Read by Alex Rodgers

Céline Mathieu
26th of November, 18:00

Sholto Dobie

Whirlpools: I

Audio, 4' 32'', 2020

These pieces are the composted remains of three performances that took place at dusk on the edges of three bodies of water by the town of Druskininkai. Using microphones, found debris, and a stringed instrument, they circumnavigate a foggy path between autoportrait and field recording, documenting an attempt to conjure and commune with a slippery environment.


compact lacing: a party invite

Video, 21' 06'', 2020

Transmitters singing the soft apocalypse. Alien forms emerging, static noise. Process the progress. Not enough hours in the game.

compart lacing: a party invite began as a dream and eventually became an exercise in techno-creative restraints. Disembodied in a stairwell, NKO + RUPERT AI Chatbot weave anti-narratives about surveillance intimacy, virtual reality, computational access and the inability to move freely in space. NKO documents their haphazard learning of 3D modeling software on their screen, and invites you to a thermal mapping party, to occur some day in the spring. This is the planning stage.

26th of November, 18:00

Artūras Čertovas

In between nests and pipes

Coordinates, photograph, expanding foam, wooden objects, aluminum sheet, plastic pipe, 2020

Site-specific installation of architectural objects, building elements, a picture and squatted space. It was inspired by the structural freedom of construction sites and the pragmatic re-usage of things in rural areas. Objects were created with an immersive desire to improvise and make something into something else; they were constructed from elements found in the surroundings, and leftovers of raw building materials. The work itself balances between:

complete and incomplete,
undetermined and concrete,
functional and non-functional,
pragmatic and poetic,
flourishing and collapsing.

Despite the installation objects’ nomadic nature, they melt with the exhibition space and become one work. The one that you can enter and use for any purpose.

Before that, just follow the blue pipe.

Artūras Čertovas
26th of November, 18:00

Sholto Dobie

Whirlpools: II

Audio, 4' 21'', 2020

Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė

Polyphonic Assemblage

Video, digital print on paper, 2020

I collected tree bark images of one birch at Rupert and used them to create treelike barky tactile multi-patterned sensoric decorative intuitive intricate hyper-articulated diverse shy bold analogue virtual natural manmade outdated trendy abstract material macro nostalgic imaginary local planetary unmatching glossy dull glittering transparent golden dark textures.

Usually I work with the digital tools and most of my time is spent in front of the screen. This year was different for all of us and I felt an urge to create in a negative space, which I enjoy the most. Therefore, for this project I decided to build a physical texture album, play around with all the available paper surfaces I could purchase and later film and edit my first ever home-made video.

I invite you to watch the documentation about thinking with textures. knowing by touching and learning through feeling.

Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė
26th of November, 18:00

Dalia Maini


Text, audio, 2020

We EW is a story of interdependence and belonging situated at the edge of one of the many possible futures, indeed it requires an effort of imagination from you readers. Promise me to hold close the elements around you, the land, the air, the water, the biosphere you are part of, your favourite technological tool, hold your lovers hands while you will follow this request of perceptions, collection of impressions, chain of grains.
And keep in mind that the ground, the soil, cannot be appropriated, one belongs to it; it belongs to no one. (Bruno Latour)

Editor: Kari Rosenfeld

Dalia Maini
26th of November, 18:00

Guoda Šulskytė


Video, biomaterial (natrium alginate, calcium chloride, water), 7' 03'', 2020

Entanglements is an attempt to come to terms with increasingly inhospitable conditions. By imagining a prosthetic skin that allows human symbiosis with other species, the project aims to comment on interdependence in the aftermath of an ecological catastrophe. Filmed in a salt harvesting site in Salinas, Ecuador, the short film features an algae-based biomaterial that forms a vehicle for organisms who thrive in extreme conditions to live in close proximity with humans.

Quote from Samuel Becket’s play Endgame (1957)
Voice: Polina Cold
Sound and actor: Alfredo Ramírez Raymond

Gouda Šulskytė
26th of November, 18:00

Vilius Vaitiekūnas

Situating in the Inherited School

Video, 07' 38'', 2020

It took one call from a colleague to write an application together to fully commit to Aleknaičiai project. That happened this July.

Currently, Aleknaičiai is turning into a widespread community / education / residency / artistic research centre project with its cornerstone - former elementary school, its spaces and the community that is assembling around it. 
Material and cultural heritage that we are building upon, neglected contemporary bureaucracy and material needs, crowdfunding, approx. 600 m3 space maintenance - here you see my friends, family and me comprehending what is going on in the last several months.

On 19th October, together with my grandpa I went there to check, how aprox. 25 years untouched heating system of the building is working.

Heating is ultimately important for maintaining this building and, therefore, everything that sustains it.

Vilius Vaitiekūnas
26th of November, 18:00

Sholto Dobie

Whirlpools: III

Audio, 4' 23'', 2020

plot twist

oops, you're muted

Live performance, 2020

In oops you’re muted, Jo Kali and Georgie Sinclair (friends, collaborators, and co-founders of plot twist) share a string of emails that they exchanged in the weeks leading up to this show. Within the dialogue, they touch upon their relationship to technology, intimacy, spending time together from afar, and the trouble of developing a ‘toolkit’ in uncertain times. These emails mirror their style of learning: assembling their thoughts through roaming (and often inconclusive) discussion. The reading takes place at the digital home of the toolkit, which will unfold over time as an archive of reflections on practicing care online.

[description] As the window opens, two figures appear in boxes at the corner of the page, one brown-haired and the other bleached blonde, both wearing glasses. Water ripples across the screen and objects float above, a plastic snake, an apple tree, a knitted brown scarf. The figures take turns talking and clicking on the objects on the screen, which in turn open up small windows containing text fragments of their emails. Scrolling, clicking, talking, this ritual is repeated until all the objects have been unlocked.

plot twist
26th of November, 18:15

Participants: Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė, Contaminated Nails, Artūras Čertovas, Céline Mathieu, Dalia Maini, Guoda Šulskytė, Jo Kalinowska & Georgie Sinclair (plot twist), Jurgis Bernatonis, NKO, Sholto Dobie, Vilius Vaitiekūnas

Curator: Tautvydas Urbelis
Coordinator: Gabrielė Marija Vasiliauskaitė
Design: Taktika Studio
Programming: Andrius Zupkus
Interns: Saulė Savanevičiūtė, Radvilė Mauricaitė, Ramunė Balčiūnaitė

Rupert’s activities are supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.
Programme’s partners: Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė, Pakrantė, Gluk Media, Kintai Arts, Žeimiai Manor / Aikas Žado Laboratory
Special thanks to: Rupert’s team, Rupert’s board, Alumni board, Nida Art Colony, Kaunas Artist House, Galerija 101, SODAS 2123, Atletika, Autarkia, Techanariumas and amazing tutors of the programme.