Experiencing architecture differently; rethinking access and inclusion

Rupert invites all to a two-part workshop by Jos Boys and Zoe Partington of the DisOrdinary Architecture Project and artist Gabrielė Gervickaitė on 27 November 19:00-21:00 EET and 28 November 12:00-14:00 EET. The talk… More

‘Other Rooms’ virtual tour

You can now visit Rupert’s exhibition, Other Rooms, virtually by following this link here: Please see below instructions on how to navigate the virtual tour.  Choose either of the following two sections —… More

‘Other Rooms’ digital publication

Dear friends, although the exhibition ‘Other Rooms’ has ended, there is it’s virtual continuation which we are especially happy about: a collection of conversations, recipes and recordings produced by the exhibition’s artists and curators… More

Leah Clements Performance ‘Hyperbaric’ documentation

To close the exhibition ‘Other Rooms’, Leah Clements presented a performance that considers the psychology of spaces and care. With enough room to seat eight patients, one supervisor and one doctor, a hyperbaric chamber… More

Alternative education programme | The things we were thinking with

We have chosen a sentence to title the final event of the 8th edition of Rupert’s alternative education programme: The things we were thinking with. There are multiple contexts and references possible with a… More