Jūris Kiškis

A lecture at Rupert’s  consists of few topics. At first glance, Jūris will present his impressions of the scientific world: the too serious and too practical education, the exact science and the less exact science, science as a profession and scientific materials in everyday life. Finally, some experiments with the optics will happen, such as the ones with the magnifier. Everyday environment is a lot of interesting phenomena and their observation can beat the scientist.

Jūris Kiškis is a young scientist, biophysicist. He was born and raised between Vilnius and Moscow, now based in Gotenburg, Sweden. His field of interests connects with biophysics, an interdisciplinary science that uses the methods of, and theories from, physical science to study biological systems. Now he uses advanced optical microscopy techniques of biological research facilities while working in the Molecular Microscopy Laboratory.

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