Vera Karlsson

Vera Karlsson (b. 1990, Gotland, SE), is currently based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She works across mediums of installation, music, writing, video, sculpture, painting, and drawing. She is also involved in ongoing collaborative art and music practices and projects. Karlsson studied at Slade School of Fine Arts (London, UK) and since 2016 is a Fine Art student at Städelschule Frankfurt am Main (DE). Her solo exhibitions include Fire is Space at Piper Keys Gallery, London (UK), 2016; Whispear_05 at Forde, Geneva (CHE), 2016; Thank You for The Love aka Who Needs Guitars Anyway? Aka Talk at Varelset, Copenhagen (DK), 2015; Hotel Bloom at 3236RLS, London.

During the residency at Rupert, Karlsson will work with her music recordings and develop ideas for a video. Her practice that predominantly uses video and installation has disruption and display as modus operandi. Language, sound and image is often arranged in a composition of cut up’s and narrated by the artists or other persons/personifications. Using the style of ‘automatic writing’ mixed with quoted materials creating a prose that disjoints the outcome. The guidance that involves you into the conspiracy of a narrative that equally disrupts, veils and unveils itself. Diverts the storyline, poetry or music, so confronts the audience. The work as a assamblage and as an attempt to reach or describe a private space of the mind that automatically reads information and so makes connections in relation to the public display and formation of the subject in the everyday passage between public/private spaces, dreams and screens. Drawing between cultural and corporate desires, the past and the potent and pregnant future.