Here, a nut falls twice

Yen Chun Lin (TW/DE) with Sara Sassanelli (IT/UK), Felix Riemann (DE/UK), and Aloïs Yang (FR/TW) ‘Here, a nut falls twice’ aims to produce different forms of knowledge from the metabolic process of listening as… More

Bin Koh

Bin Koh (KR) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Her practice deals with the ways that technological development renders the human body and its voice invisible under patriarchal systems of representation. She has… More

Murat Adash

Murat Adash (Germany/Turkey) is an artist whose performance-based practice develops architecturally motivated, choreographic inquiries that seek to investigate how space is occupied, shared and transformed, and how it can be reconfigured and re-imagined towards… More