Marianna Ellenberg

Marianna Ellenberg’s creative practice involves rigorous research and a commitment to expanding the medium of multimedia performance to bridge the disciplines of cinema, fine art, and theater, teasing the boundaries between the still and… More

bones tan jones

bones tan jones (b.93 Liverpool) is a queer heretic whose work traverses materials, disciplines and time lines. Raised in a church choir in the northwest of the UK, on the borderlands of mythical Wales… More

monica maria moraru

monica maria moraru (Romania/Canada) is a visual artist whose work seeks within the characteristics of material practice a cinematic expressionism. Her projects often culminate in sculpture, moving-image, installation and sound. Across mediums, her work… More

Announcement │ #RupertResidents for 2024

Images: (1) Billy Bultheel, Workers in Song, 2023, photo by Tine Declerck; (2) Lou Sheppard, Rites of Passage, 2022, photo by Toni Hafkenscheid; (3) Tra My Ngyuen, Using one’s feet has become an option… More