Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė

Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė (b. 1988) is an experimental architect and digital artist based in Kaunas, Lithuania. During her master studies, Aistė formed her personal interests towards architecture and it’s shifting definition. She found her strength in the experimental… More

Dalia Maini

Dalia Maini (b. 1992) is a slow thinker, independent curator and practice-based writer. Her research moves in the threshold of cultural and survival production. After a BA in Cultural studies (Naples) and an MA… More

Artūras Čertovas

Artūras Čertovas (b. 1995) is an architect, artist and DJ based in Vilnius. He finished his BA studies in Architecture and Urban Design and now works independently as a spatial designer. In his art… More

Céline Mathieu

Céline Mathieu (b. 1989) is an Antwerp-based artist whose practice intertwines linguistic and bodily sensibilities with an element of play. Her work is often temporary, ranging from performance to sculpture in non-permanent materials such… More

Jo Kalinowska & Georgie Sinclair (plot twist)

plot twist is an Amsterdam-based literary collective initiated by Jo Kali (b. 1989) and Georgie Sinclair (b. 1991) in 2018. plot twist believes learning is relational and refuses hierarchical pedagogical practices. As such, plot… More