Alternative Education Programme’s Public Lecture #4: Bones Tan Jones

Date: 12 September Time: 18:00 Location: VILNIUS TECH Faculty of Architecture (Pylimo st. 26, Vilnius) In collaboration with VILNIUS TECH, we are inviting you to another Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme’s public lecture by the… More

Alternative Education Programme’s Public Lecture #3: Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė – screening of ‘Mouthless Part I’

Date: 2 September Time: 17:00 Location:  Vilnius Academy of Arts Design Innovation Center (Maironio st. 3)  Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme in collaboration with Vilnius Art Academy presents a public screening of Mouthless Part I… More

Rupert’s 10th anniversary! | Tails from the Fish of Fortune

With scales of amethyst and blue thistle that sparkle in the moonlit glow, swim the fish of fortune1. When the day’s warmth dips its fingers into the surrounding pools, creating a spiral, a fluid… More

Rupert’s 10th anniversary! | Wheel Of Fortune

Date: August 20, 2022; 16:00–00:00 Location: Vaidilutes st. 79, Vilnius, Lithuania Facebook event Thinking about Rupert’s past and how we might write about it, we imagined a Wheel of Fortune that keeps landing on… More

Alternative Education Programme’s Public Lecture #2 Mary Maggic and Eglė Ambrasaitė: Re-appropriating Toxicity + Studio Warming

Date: 27 July Time: 18:00 Location: sewing factory ‘Lelija’ (Paneriu st. 43, Vilnius) Facebook event Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme presents a public conversation between Mary Maggic and Eglė Ambrasaitė in the context of the… More