Q. Will I be provided with a personal studio space for the program?
A. Unlike our residents, Educational Program participants are not provided with studio spaces. Meeting room access where discussion can take place is given at all times when booked in advance. Provision of personal accommodation and working space remain the responsibility of the participant.

Q. Will Rupert provide funds for my personal project?
A. Rupert does not provide direct funding but assists participants in fundraising by informing them about funding opportunities and providing connections as well as feedback on application writing.

Q. I’m from Australia. Can I apply for the program?
A. Applicants must have a VISA permitting them to stay in Europe for 8 months or more. Note that Rupert cannot help applicants acquire a visa since the program is not a full-time Academic program!

Q. I’m from the UK. Can I apply for the program?
A. International applicants with the permission to live and study in Lithuania (includes all EU nationals) are eligible applicants, however, we emphasize that the program is on a part-time basis.

Q. Is there a tuition fee for the program?
A. The program is FREE.

Q. Does the program entail official examinations?
A. Although the program does not entail exams, an 80% attendance to program events, in addition to successful completion of the personal project and active involvement and initiation of independent meetings and events for the group, are prerequisites for both admission and graduation.

Q. What kind of qualifications does the program provide?
A. As a non-formal education program, Rupert graduation qualifications are not recognized as formal education alternatives (they are not equivalent to a masters for example). Nonetheless, Rupert alumni continue to enjoy significant support from Rupert, such as promotion of their work, provision of networks and more.

Q. How does the Educational Program relate to Rupert’s residencies program?
A. Residents are given access to Educational Program events and on occasion host events in which participants can take part. No further interaction is required from either through it is encouraged.