Holly Márie Parnell

Holly Márie Parnell (UK/Ireland) is based between Ireland and London and works with film, installation, live video performance and sound. Taking a documentary approach, the work by Holly is led by personal encounters to… More

Sam Williams

Sam Williams (UK) is a London based artist working with moving-image, performance and collage. His research is currently focused on how multispecies entanglements, ecological systems and folk mythologies can produce ideas for current and… More

Davinia-Ann Robinson

Davinia-Ann Robinson (UK) is an artist whose practice examines how ‘presencing’, fugitivity and tactility undo colonial and imperial frameworks through which nature and Bodies of Colour are articulated. This is done by exploring Black,… More

Rob Crosse

Rob Crosse (UK/DE) lives and works in Berlin. Through the use of video, photography, sculpture and performance, his work focuses on forms of intergenerational relations and the tension between care and control. He often… More

Bożna Wydrowska

Bożna Wydrowska (Poland) is a visual artist, dancer, choreographer and performer, living and working in Warsaw. Her choreographic strategies include movement, text and vocal improvisation, based on eye-to-eye engagement with audiences. Bożna investigates identity… More