Sabina Scorțanu

Sabina Scorțanu (Moldova/Netherlands) is a graphic designer and multimedia artist, whose work emerges from a fascination with the transient nature of phenomena that shape the ecosphere, particularly Earth weather. She constructs tools that react… More

Tra My Nguyen

Tra My Nguyen is a Berlin-based visual artist whose multidisciplinary practice encompasses sculpture, moving image, and textile. Drawing upon diaspora perspectives, her work re-contextualizes material culture within global modernism. Nguyen’s practice engages with speculative… More

Isabel Mallet

Isabel Mallet currently lives and works in New York. She listens for ongoing modes of resistance in the world, paying careful attention to the materials and objects that make up her immediate surroundings. Her… More

Marijn Ottenhof

Marijn Ottenhof (Netherlands / Belgium) is a visual artist and electronic musician. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and her master’s of Fine… More

Announcement │ #RupertResidents for 2024

Images: (1) Billy Bultheel, Workers in Song, 2023, photo by Tine Declerck; (2) Lou Sheppard, Rites of Passage, 2022, photo by Toni Hafkenscheid; (3) Tra My Ngyuen, Using one’s feet has become an option… More