Miša Skalskis

October, 2020 Miša Skalskis (Lithuania) is a Helsinki based visual and sound artist from Lithuania. His latest works explore collective memory and its relationship to fiction and presence. He holds a degree in Sonology… More

Satu and Piia Oksanen

October, 2020 Satu and Piia join Rupert as a collective. During the residency they wish to connect to Lithuanian art scene – curators, thinkers and artists. In this one-month period they wish to keep… More

Rupert residents announced for December-July 2021

We are pleased to announce the selection of the following group of artists, curators and researchers who will take part in the 2021 Rupert residency programme, which will run from January to July 2021 (in… More

Samantha Lippett

October-November, 2020 Samantha Lippett (United Kingdom) is a London based curator and lecturer who explores the radical potential for learning and progress through cross-disciplinary collaboration. Her practice is centred around the creation of inclusive… More

Rowena Harris (virtual residency)

Rowena Harris (United Kingdom) is an artist and art researcher focused on what is at stake for bodymind difference within the everyday technological regime. She is completing her CHASE funded PhD at Goldsmith’s College… More

Sean-Roy Parker

Sean-Roy Parker (United Kingdom) is an artist, environmentalist and community cook based in London. His work builds social frameworks inclusive of marginalised voices and alternative currencies like labour exchange to encourage practical, post-capitalist action… More

Alexei Gordin

Alexei Gordin (Estonia) is mainly known as a painter, however, he also works with photography, video and performance. Using black humour, Gordin draws attention to the absurdity of the (art) world and alienation, highlighting… More

Luīze Rukšāne

Luīze Rukšāne (Latvia) is a young artist currently studying BA Visual Communication at the Art Academy of Latvia. Participating in group and solo exhibitions since 2017, in 2019 she was one of 7 Latvian… More

Arvydas Umbrasas

an artist living in Vilnius. His sculptural work deals with the themes of cosmic bodies and their impact on people’s imagination. At Rupert he will be developing new outdoor sculptures inspired by the phenomenon… More

Virtual residency: Karolina Rybačiauskaitė

an Art Critic and a PhD student of Philosophy at Vilnius University, also graduated in History and Theory of Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts, now living between Vilnius and Prague. She studies the principle of… More

Open Call for Residencies at Rupert in 2021

Rupert’s residency programme is dedicated to local and international practitioners and thinkers (such as artists, writers, curators, researchers, cultural managers and academics), providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius from… More

April-May short residencies

We are happy to announce artists, curators and researchers who will reside in Rupert from this week till the end of May. Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė – experimental architect and digital artist based in Kaunas, Lithuania. During her master… More

Monica Mays

Monica Mays is a sculpture and performance artist currently based in Amsterdam. She generates her work through paranthropological methods, revisiting and resuscitating past economies. Her practice proposes ecofeminist imaginations of a home that exists… More

Edward Thomasson

Edward Thomasson (UK) makes videos, plays and drawings about the ways implicit and explicit rules of social interaction shape our behavior. His work explores how performance is used to navigate personal, interpersonal and occupational… More

Benjamin & Stefan Ramirez Perez

Benjamin Ramírez Pérez (Germany) was a participant at de Ateliers Amsterdam from 2016-2018. He studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne from 2009–2015. His works have been screened at IFFR Rotterdam, Locarno, Edinburgh and… More

Artun Alaska Arasli

Artun Alaska Arasli (Turkey/Netherlands/Belgium) is an artist, writer and researcher. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2011, and later attended the Staedelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Arasli has had solo exhibitions at Kantine… More

Caterina Avataneo

Caterina Avataneo (IT/UK) is a curator born in Turin and based in London. Her curatorial practice involves thinking through artworks and drawing links between everyday phenomena and contemporary theoretical discourse. She was awarded the 2017 NEON CURATORIAL… More

Anna Zoria

Anna Zoria (Canada/France) is an artist living and working in Paris, France. She makes work about doing nothing, anticipation, boredom and repetition. She has a degree in History of Religion, Literature and the Arts from… More

Sophie Hoyle

Sophie Hoyle (UK) is an artist and writer currently living and working in London. Their practice explores an intersectional approach to post-colonial, queer, feminist, anti-psychiatry and disability issues. At Rupert Sophie will continue work… More

Mateusz Kowalczyk

Mateusz Kowalczyk (PL) is a visual artist, performer, activist. A student of master’s studies at the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His interests include shamanism, collective work,… More

Johannes Heldén

Johannes Heldén (SE) is a visual artist, writer and musician. His interdisciplinary works deal with poetry, ecology, artificial intelligence, sentience and narrative structures. At Rupert, he will do research for a project exploring the format of… More

Gabrielė Adomaitytė

Gabrielė Adomaitytė (LT/NL) graduated from Vilnius Art Academy in 2017 and until 2019 Spring had been enrolled in the De Ateliers residency, Amsterdam. In her practice, the artist explores painting’s potential to question forms… More

Lucy A. Sames

curator and researcher living and working in London. She is Co-Director and Curator at Res. At Rupert, Lucy will be working on a chapter of her PhD thesis on ancient stone assemblages through the… More

Rasmus Myrup

Rasmus Myrup is a Danish artist and curator living and working between Paris and Copenhagen. Working primarily with sculpture and drawing, his work is a synthesis of the big and the small investigating humanity’s… More

[:lt]Suzy Halajian

Suzy Halajian (USA) – independent curator and writer based in Los Angeles, and is currently the 2018-19 Curator-in-Residence at Disjecta, Portland. Her work begins at the intersection of art and politics, treating image making… More

Kah Bee Chow

Kah Bee Chow (Malaysia/New Zealand/Sweden) is an artist from Penang, Malaysia and Auckland, New Zealand, living and working in Malmö, Sweden. Whilst at Rupert she will be researching the parallels between traditional forms of… More

Rupert Residents announced for 2020

Rupert is pleased to announce the selection of the following group of artists, curators and researchers taking part in the 2020 Residency programme, which will run from January to December 2020. Candidates were selected… More

Santiago Reyes Villaveces

Colombian artist based in Bogota and Ambalema, a municipality in the countryside of Colombia. In 2017 he graduated from the  MA in sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London with the Abraaj Innovation… More

Coven Berlin

Coven Berlin (Germany) founded in 2013 Coven Berlin is a sex-positive transdisciplinary collective focused on feminism, love, gender, sexuality and art. At Rupert, Coven Berlin will examine queer feminist art/activism as a valuable tool… More

Canan Batur

Canan Batur is a Turkish curator, researcher and writer based between London and Istanbul. She is currently devising a project at 1.1, Basel, and working on establishing a new space in Istanbul with a… More

Rachael Finney

Rachael Finney (United Kingdom) is an artist working across sound, video, installation and performance. Her work investigates the material qualities of the voice, often dissecting it and dividing it from language in order to… More

Emilie Pitoiset

Emilie Pitoiset (France) is an artist, choreographer and writer based in Paris. With a background in gymnastics and dance she questions the absence of the body through inherited behaviours, rituals, sexuality, and money. Group… More

Erica Scourti

Erica Scourti (Greece/UK) is an artist and writer born in Athens, Greece and now based in London and Athens. Her work explores biographical writing and bodily inscription in the performance and representation of subjectivity. For her residency… More

Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe

Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe (Germany) is a curator and writer whose work focuses on performance and documentary. During her residency at Rupert she will develop the curatorial research project ‘private performances.’ Co-conceived with the Scotland… More

Erdem Taşdelen

Erdem Taşdelen is a Turkish-Canadian artist who currently lives and works in Toronto. His practice is rooted in conceptualism and involves a range of media including installation, video, sculpture, sound and artist books. His… More

Herb Shellenberger

Herb Shellenberger (USA/UK) – curator and writer originally from Philadelphia and based in London. He works between cinema and contemporary art, and is an Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and has recently organized… More

Joshua Schwebel

Joshua Schwebel (Canada/Germany) is a Canadian conceptual artist currently based in Berlin. Through artistic interventions, his work de-centers institutional authority and makes visible power structures and hierarchies residing in the art system. While at… More

Abhishek Nilamber

Abhishek Nilamber (India/Germany) is an independent artist and curator living and working in Berlin. Primarily working at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin and as artistic consultant for Backyard Civilization, Kochi, India, his work focuses on projects… More

Anastasia Sosunova

Anastasia Sosunova (Lithuania) is a visual artist living in Vilnius. Using a variety of media such as video, installation, writing and printmaking, her work focuses on the ways in which communities and identities are… More

Marta Trektere

Marta Trektere is a performance artist, independent curator and writer based in Riga, Latvia. She’s also co-running artist-run space Four to Seven gallery in Riga. Marta’s works addresses simplicity of complexity in everyday life… More

Avni Dauti and Rebecca Vaughan

Avni Dauti and Rebecca Vaughan are artists and researchers from Melbourne, Australia. Their work focuses on Deaf histories and repressed historical narratives, encompassing a diverse range of media and strategies including film, installation and… More

Paige K. Bradley

Paige K. Bradley (USA) is a writer and artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Her Project at Rupert will investigate the to and fro between visual form and written articulation. Interested in depicting… More

Eva Mustonen

Eva Mustonen is an installation artist living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. With a background in textile art and semiotics, her work is heavily influenced by handicraft and physical labor as means of expression. During… More

Antanas Gerlikas

Antanas Gerlikas (Lithuania) main sources of inspiration is dreams, which offer forms, spaces and actions that are otherwise impossible to experience. One of the recent purpose of his practice is to have an immediate experience… More

Joseph Pomp

Joseph Pomp (USA) is a film scholar and maker currently completing a PhD in Comparative Literature with a secondary field in Critical Media Practice at Harvard University. At Rupert he created a new multichannel video… More

Guy Oliver

Guy Oliver (UK) a graduate of The Royal College of Art (MA Painting), Guy Lives and works in London. With recent solo shows in London and New York, his work excavates the landscape of… More

Tuomas Ollikainen

Tuomas Ollikainen (Finland) is a Finnish artist. He graduated from the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Fine Arts department in 2015. He creates installations, which combine sculpture, video and sound art, photography, text and… More

Philomene Pirecki

Philomene Pirecki (Jersey CI) is a multidisciplinary artist based in London working with photography, painting, sculpture, sound, video and writing. Her work is concerned with how time, memory, perception and sensation can be represented or materialised,… More

Cooper Jacoby

Cooper Jacoby (USA) is an artist based in Los Angeles. His work explores the ways in which hardware scripts space and how its malfunctions reveal the infrastructure of the built environment. Informed by extensive research… More

Rupert Residents announced for 2019

Rupert is pleased to announce the selection of the following group of artists, curators and researchers taking part in the 2019 Residency Programme, which will run from December 2018 to December 2019. Candidates were… More

Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka

Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka (Finland/Netherlands) are artists based in Helsinki and Rotterdam. Pallasvuo works with moving images, performances, exhibitions and comics. In his work, he explores the anxieties of being alive now and the… More

[:lt]Eleni Papazoglou

Eleni Papazoglou (Greece) is an Athens-born designer, researcher and producer. She lives and works in London, where she completed MA at the Royal College of Art and a BA at Camberwell College of Arts…. More

Renée Mboya 

Renée Mboya (Kenya) is a writer, curator and filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her work is concerned with memory and specifically the use of autobiography in contemporary narratives to rehabilitate misrepresentations in history. Renée’s… More

Eli Cortiñas

Eli Cortiñas (Spain) has been a guest professor at the Art Academy Kassel and the Art Academy Mainz. She has been awarded with grants and fellowships from Fundación Botín; Villa Massimo, Rome; Karl-Schmidt-Rottluft; Kölnischer Kunstverein… More

Rebecca Ackroyd

Rebecca Ackroyd (UK) lives and works in London. She graduated from the Royal Academy School in 2015 after completing her BA in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art in 2010.  Most recently Ackroyd… More

Holly Childs

Holly Childs (Australia/Netherlands) is a writer and artist living in Amsterdam and Sydney, researching the language and emotions in and of ecological and computational systems. Author of Danklands (Arcadia Missa, 2014-7) and No Limit (Hologram, 2014). Postgraduate researcher… More

Rupert Residents Announced for July-December 2018

We are pleased to announce the selection of the following artists and curators to take part in the Rupert Residency Programme for the period of July – December 2018. Candidates were selected through a… More

Daniel Rossi

Daniel Rossi (Italy) is an artist living and working in Bremen, Germany.  Recently he appeared in various group exhibitions including: “Oh Wow”, Museum Weserburg, Bremen “TRUNK” , Kunstverein Lüneburg , “AWOL”, Raum für drastische Maßnahmen,… More


core.pan is Sybil Montet & Simon Kounovsky (France/Czech Republic). Freelancers in the field of video and motion design, they live and work between Paris and Prague. Initiated in May 2016, their project is based… More

Sarah Chow

Sarah Chow (USA) lives and works in New York. She received a MFA in Photography at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, and a BA with Distinction in Digital New Media and Imagery at New York University…. More

Guillaume Adjutor Provost

Guillaume Adjutor Provost holds a ph.d. in the study and practice of the Arts from UQAM, Montreal. His research focuses on the concept of curatorial art, namely the use of curatorial approaches as creative… More

Leah Clements

Leah Clements is an artist based in London. Her practice is concerned with emotional experiences, the relationship between the psychological and the physical, and self-loss. Self/other boundaries and collective identities, the subconscious, the impact… More

[:lt]Yan Xing

Yan Xing (b. 1986, China) is known for his interdisciplinary projects which have built a complex, compelling body of work that reflects critically on how history is manufactured today. He graduated from Sichuan Fine… More

Abri de Swardt

Abri de Swardt (b. 1988, South Africa) holds a MFA in Fine Art with distinction from Goldsmiths, University of London (2014).  De Swardt has held solo exhibitions at White Cubicle, London (SPF Matthew Barney,… More

Ioanna Gerakidi

Ioanna Gerakidi is a writer based both in Amsterdam and Athens. Her work draws on eros and love, on trauma and disorder to talk about the philosophies and haptic dynamics of language and voice…. More

Rubén Patiño

Rubén Patiño (b.1979, Catalonia) is an artist working in the field of electronic music, operating in a hybrid territory that incorporates elements of club culture and contemporary art. Most of Patiño’s work takes form… More

Chloe Stead

Chloe Stead (b. 1988, UK) is an English writer and critic living in Berlin. Her criticism has been published by frieze, Spike Art Quarterly, Sleek, Art + Australia and AnOther Magazine. Her fiction was featured most recently in Pfeil… More

Isabel Legate

Isabel Legate (b. 1992, USA) received her BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 2015. She has had a solo exhibition at Motel in Brooklyn, NY and has exhibited… More

Megan Plunkett

Megan Plunkett (b. 1985, USA) is an artist and publisher based in Los Angeles, California who has exhibited at Bad Reputation, Emalin, Redling Fine Art, Mitchell-Iness & Nash and 356 Mission, among others. She… More

Zuzanna Czebatul

Zuzanna Czebatul (b. 1986,  PL) lives and works in Berlin. She graduated from the Staedelschule Frankfurt in 2013, and later attended the MFA Program at Hunter College, New York as Fulbright Fellow. Czebatul has… More

Laurie Kang

Laurie Kang (b. 1985, Toronto, Canada) works in photography, sculpture, installation and video. Kang has exhibited internationally at Topless, New York; The Power Plant Gallery, Cooper Cole, 8-11, The Loon, Franz Kaka, Toronto; L’inconnue, Montreal; Carl Louie,… More

Santiago Taccetti

Santiago Taccetti (Argentina) lives and works in Berlin. He has exhibited work in venues such as Cabaret Voltaire, Manifesta 11 in Zürich, Centre d’art Santa Monica, CCCB Barcelona, Istituto Italo Latinomericano in Rome, La Panaderia… More

Jacob Dwyer

Jacob Dwyer (b. 1988, UK) is an artist based in Amsterdam. His work has been shown in art spaces and film festivals including, IFFR (Rotterdam), IDFA (Amsterdam), BFI (London), BALTIC 39 (Newcastle), Galerie Juliette… More

Eli Kerr & Daphné Boxer

Daphné Boxer (b.1987, Canada) and Eli Kerr (b.1988, Canada) are a curatorial duo operating under the project name Vie d’Ange. They produce exhibitions from a 300 m² former auto-body garage divided into two gallery… More

Ellie Hunter

Ellie Hunter (b. 1989, USA) is an artist and curator based between Los Angeles, CA and Richmond, VA. She received her MFA in sculpture + extended media from Virginia Commonwealth University (2017) and her… More

Jenni Crain

Jenni Crain (B. 1991, New York) is an artist and curator living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Solo exhibitions include Scenes From A Pause at 321 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2017); Upon Reflection at Y Gallery, New York, NY (2015); and Bent… More

Barbara Cueto

Barbara Cueto (b. 1986 ES/DE) is a Spanish curator based in Berlin. Her projects strive to depict the present, a moment when we are walking towards a post-human world defined by the constant interaction… More

Luca Vanello

Luca Vanello is an Italian-Slovene artist (b.1986, IT/DE) based in Berlin. He graduated from the Universität der Künste Berlin with Professor Gregor Schneider and with an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Arts, London. Informed… More

Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė

Dorota Gawęda (PL) and Eglė Kulbokaitė (LT) are an artist and writer duo living in Basel (CH) and Athens (GRC). Both are graduates of Royal College of Art in London and founders of YOUNG… More

Jussi Koitela

Jussi Koitela (b.1981) is a curator currently based in Helsinki. He has since 2012 been working with artistic responses to economical structures and discourses in the context of Skills of Economy curatorial research. Koitela… More

Hanna Järvenpää

Hanna Järvenpää (b. 1980, Orivesi). Järvenpää studied fine art at the North Carelia Polytechnic, later specialized in art graphics and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Institute of Fine Art and Design… More

Kate Brown & Maurin Dietrich

Kate Brown is an independent curator and co-director and founder of the non-profit gallery and residency Ashley Berlin. She has curated independent projects at Kunstsaele Berlin and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and has… More

Marije Gertenbach

Marije Gertenbach (b. 1990, NL) currently works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Gertenbach graduated from Amsterdam University of the Arts, in 2015-2016 was artist-in-residence at Residency Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. She uses painting as main… More

Nina Fránková

Nina Fránková (b. 1987, CZ) works across sculpture, photography, moving image, text, design, drawing, site-specific projects and interdisciplinary research. She is based in Prague and Amsterdam. Fránková has BFA from ceramics at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and… More

Vera Karlsson

Vera Karlsson (b. 1990, Gotland, SE), is currently based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She works across mediums of installation, music, writing, video, sculpture, painting, and drawing. She is also involved in ongoing collaborative… More

Rachael Melanson

Rachael Melanson (b.1987, a.k.a. Rosen) is a transmedia artist from the UK who plays with the fissure between author/reader and online/offline environments. She has recently performed at Issue Project Room, New York in collaboration… More

Simon Dybbroe Møller

Simon Dybbroe Møller (b. 1976, Denmark) grew up in Greenland, currently lives in Berlin (DE). The artist makes video and sculpture that is visually imitative and formally quotational. Borrowing models for fetishization from contemporary… More

Ragna Bley

Ragna Bley (b. 1986, Uppsala, Sweden) lives and works in Oslo (NO). Bley received her BFA at The Oslo Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 and her MA in Painting from the Royal College of… More

Claire Tolan

Claire Tolan (b. 1986) is an American artist currently residing in Berlin. Since 2013, much of Tolan’s work has found its foundation in the sounds of ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Tolan has hosted… More

Johanna Kotlaris

Johanna Kotlaris (b. 1988, CH) is based in Rotterdam and Zürich. She holds a BA Graphic Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and is currently completing her MA Fine Art at the Piet Zwart… More

Nicolas Fleming

Nicolas Fleming (b. 1979, Canada), is a Toronto-based visual artist. Fleming’s sculptural work is often based on manufactured utilitarian objects with varied significance in his daily life or of notable influence to his artistic… More

Martin Kohout

Martin Kohout (b. 1984, Czech Republic) is an artist and publisher, who lives and works in Berlin and Prague, currently he is involved in a London-based project. In his practice, he often examines the habits… More

Daria Melnikova

Daria Melnikova (b. 1984, Latvia) has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Visual Communication department. Her solo exhibitions include: Yesterday Is The New Tomorrow, ISSMAG gallery, Moscow (2017), EX-UVIA, Konstanet, Tallinn (2016), Room… More

Tim Steer

Tim Steer is a curator and writer based in London. He is Associate Curator at Cell Project Space, Co-Founder of Opening Times, and runs Montague. The residency facilitated a research project that looked at… More

Viktor Timofeev

Viktor Timofeev (b.1984) is a Latvian born, London based artist. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hunter College, New York (2008), and an MFA from Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (2017). Timofeev working… More

Floris Schönfeld

Floris Schönfeld (UK/Netherlands) is an artist living and working in London and Amsterdam. He is interested in the subtle wrinkle that exists between defining his context and being defined by it. While at Rupert, he… More

Ali Eisa

Ali Eisa (b.1987) is a London based artist and researcher known as half of Lloyd Corporation. He graduated with an MA in Visual Sociology in 2013 and a BA in Fine Art Practice in… More

Matthew Alexander Post (Post Brothers)

Post Brothers is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Alexander Post—an independent curator and writer working between Białystok, Berlin, Antwerp and Oakland. Post Brothers received an MA in Curatorial Practice from the California College… More

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson

Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (b.1984 in Reykjavik) is a storyteller, performer, singer, object maker and illustrator.  He has a love for the absurd, by which is meant less an obsessive passion for the ridiculous, nonsensical… More

Robin Vanbesien

Robin Vanbesien lives and works in Brussels. He studied History at the University of Ghent and Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) and in the Ateliers (Amsterdam). His solo exhibitions include Pregnant,… More

Matthew Shannon

Matthew Shannon (Australia / Netherlands) is an artist who works predominantly sculpture and filmmaking. He has previously exhibited at Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, Kadist Foundation, Paris and the Australian Centre for… More

Lucas Dillon

Lucas Dillon (b.1990) is an Irish artist currently working in Peckham, London. He was born in Hounslow, London and spent his upbringing in Belfast. In 2008 he returned to London to study Sculpture at Camberwell… More

Ivan Galuzin

Ivan Galuzin (b. 1979, Murmansk) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He received his diploma from The National College of the Arts, Oslo in 2006. Galuzin is a conceptual artist working with installation, painting,… More

Aneta Rostkowska

Aneta Rostkowska is a curator and researcher based in Poland, a graduate of de Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam. She studied philosophy, economics and art history in Kraków, Poznań, Heidelberg and Frankfurt am Main…. More

Natalia Valencia

Natalia Valencia (b. 1984, Bogotá) is an independent curator based in Mexico City. She has collaborated with the Museo de Arte Moderno MAMM in Medellín, CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art Bordeaux, Palais de Tokyo… More

Marco Bruzzone

Marco Bruzzone (Genova, 1974) is an artist based in Berlin. He studied Biology at University of Genova and Photography and New Technologies at Bauer Institute in Milano. His work is represented by the Berlin gallery… More

Jurgis Paškevičius

Jurgis Paškevičius (b. 1987 Vilnius, Lithuania), studied Photography and Media arts in Vilnius Fine Art academy from 2006 until 2011. In 2011 he moved to Amsterdam to follow the Master of Fine Arts at… More

Ania Molenda

Ania Molenda is an independent Rotterdam-based researcher and curator. She is a founder and editor-in-chief of Amateur Cities an editor of The Site Magazine. In her work Ania focuses on the socio-cultural dimension of… More

Sebastian Rozenberg

Sebastian Rozenberg is an artist based in Stockholm. He works mainly with poetry, text and performance, trying to articulate dancing allegories, presentable processes and the poetry in conceptual language. While at Rupert he worked on… More

Maya Mikelsone

Maya Mikelsone is Latvian art curator based in Paris. She holds a Master in Philosophy of Art at the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne completed by curatorial training program in a Ecole du Magasin. She… More

Marnie Slater

Marnie Slater (b. 1980, Wellington, New Zealand) is a visual artist who lives in Brussels. Marnie’s work engages with multiple formats, including sculpture, collaboration, writing, performance, painting and installation. Alongside her solo activities, Marnie… More

Gerda Paliušytė

Gerda Paliušytė (b. 1987) is a Lithuanian video artist and curator currently living and studying in Amsterdam. In 2012-2015 together with Inesa Brašiške she initiated and curated The Gardens – an exhibition space based in… More

Eglė Kulbokaite & Manuel Scheiwiller

Eglė Kulbokaitė (b. 1987, Kaunas) is an artist and writer living in Berlin (DE) and Basel (CH). She is a 2012 graduate of Royal College of Art in London and a co-founder of YOUNG… More

Søren Rosenbak

Søren Rosenbak is a design researcher currently pursuing a PhD in design as critical practice at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. His research explores how pataphysics can infuse and advance a critical design… More

Zoë & Michelangelo

The Cosmopolitan Shepherd is an agency for the subversion of lifestyle into life standards, tweaking contemporary knowledge towards a crypto-pastoral subculture. It was started in Athens in 2015 by artist Zoë Paul (UK) and… More

Jess Wiesner

Jess Wiesner is an artist who currently lives and works in London. She attended de Ateliers in Amsterdam and has been exhibiting both collaborative projects and solo work including at Hessell Museum, New York;… More

Olivia Erlanger

Olivia Erlanger is an artist based in New York. Recent projects include, a. or fifty thousand at 83 Pitt St. NY, Dripping Tap at Mathew, NY and The Oily Actor at What Pipeline, IL…. More

Gareth Bell Jones & Gemma Lloyd

Gareth Bell-Jones (b. 1982) is curator/director of Flat Time House, a gallery and archive in the former home of post-war conceptual artist John Latham. After graduating from the MA in Curating Contemporary Art at… More

Romuald Demidenko

Romuald Demidenko (1985, PL) is a curator, researcher and producer currently focused on​ the exploration of the impact that increasing digitalization and social​ media have on quotidian real life events, as well as on… More

Garrett Nelson & Luca Iemi

Luca Iemi (1988, IT) a PhD candidate at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University working on a project titled, “Uncovering functional role of spontaneous alpha oscillations in visual perception”. Previously he… More

Felix Kalmenson

Felix Kalmenson is a Russian-born artist, with a practice in installation and video. His work is concerned with the mediation of histories and contemporary narratives by political, institutional and corporate bodies examining how innovations… More

Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine Johnson (b. Brighton 1985) lives and works in London. Solo exhibitions include: Jerwood Project Space; Jerwood Visual Arts presents @ Genesis Cinema; ANDOR Gallery with MoreUtopia! (all London, 2016); ASI & CCI Fabrika… More

Antoine Donzeaud

Antoine Donzeaud (born 1985 in Vitry-sur- Seine, FR) lives and works in Paris. He studied painting at UCLA and graduated from Villa Arson in Nice. He is the co-director of the project space Exo… More

Jude Crilly

Jude Crilly is an artist based in London and Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions include Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania (2016); Transformation Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London (2015); BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle (2015); Camden Art… More

Marco Strappato

Marco Strappato (1982), lives and works in London. His work is engaged with the pressing and urgent reassessment of a contemporary understanding of image production and image distribution, through a multidisciplinary practice which involves C-types,… More

Hanna Laura Kaljo

Hanna Laura Kaljo (b.1989, Tallinn) is a curator and writer based in London. She is the co-director of Jupiter Woods in South East London and a graduate of the MFA Curating course at Goldsmiths College…. More

Demelza Watts

Demelza Watts (1990, Wiltshire) is an artist who lives and works in London. Watts’ recent and upcoming projects include ‘Free time’ a solo show at Silicone Malley (Lausanne, Switzerland), ‘PACTO’ a residency at MilesKm (London,… More

Borbála Soós

Borbála Soós is a London-based curator. She graduated from the MA Curating Contemporary Art course at the Royal College of Art, London in 2012, and holds an MA in Film Studies and an MA in… More

Elvia Wilk

Elvia Wilk is a Berlin-based writer who researches the ethics of art-making in relation to emerging technologies. She writes for publications like frieze, Artforum, e-flux, and die Zeit, and currently she is a contributing editor… More

Lorraine Châteaux

Lorraine Châteaux lives and works in Paris. She graduated in 2012 from Villa Arson National School of Art, Nice (FR). Recent exhibitions includes Le Nouveau Monde Industriel (2017), Galleria Continua, Les Moulins / Boissy-le-Châtel (FR), Culture Pop Marauders (2016),… More

Cara Tolmie

Cara Tolmie experiments from within the intersections of performance, experimental music and moving image. Her works probe the site-specific conditions of performance-making by finding ways to vocalise and place her body that access the political… More

Byzantia Harlow

Byzantia Harlow lives and works in London, U.K. Her practice investigates commodity, branding, the unique object, the mass produced and cultural identity. She is interested in pivoting points of value and authenticity, aspiration and desire…. More

Merike Estna

Merike Estna (born in Estonia 1980) lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a Bachelorʼ s degree in painting and from the Goldsmiths College, University of London,… More

Alex Turgeon

Alex Turgeon (b. 1988, Halifax, Nova Scotia) is a Canadian artist  based in Berlin. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University in 2010. His work has been exhibited and preformed at… More

Weronika Trojanska

Weronika Trojanska is an artist, who also write about art. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, she investigates in her artistic practice notions of auto/biography and the… More

Jo-ey Tang

As an artist, curator, and art critic, Jo-ey Tang (American. b. Hong Kong. Lives and works in Paris since 2011) enacts the shifts of originary forms over time in his work, using the movements… More

Sanna Marander and Niklas Tafra

Sanna Marander and Niklas Tafra work both separately and collaboratively with writing, performance and installation. Their common works have recently been shown at Market Art Fair, Stockholm (2016), Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst Copenhagen (2015)… More

Maija Rudovska

Maija Rudovska is an independent curator and researcher based in Riga, Latvia. Her interests locate in the fields of contemporary art and architecture, particularly with a focus on space, hybridity and in-betweenness. Her recent… More

Matthew Rana

Matthew Rana is an artist and writer. He is the author of two poetry collections, The Theory of the Square (Torpedo Press, 2014) and Holiday Poems (Varv Varv 2015), and his writing on contemporary… More

Požemis & Muk

Eglė Naujokaitytė – Muk is a singer, DJ and active ousiders’ music and culture promoter. Muk plays with just barely reminiscing of other world and tastefully nostalgic sounds and is the best known as a lead singer… More

Carl Palm

Carl Palm (b. 1980, SE), based in London and Stockholm. Palm’s work spans across a wide variety of media including drawing, sculpture, print, installation, expanding into the realm of curating. Palm is interested in… More

Aapo Nikkanen

Having studied fine arts extensively in its different forms in Finland (Tampere University of Applied Sciences), Switzerland (HEAD / Haute Ecole d’Art et Design) and The Netherlands (Sandberg Institute), the work of Nikkanen has… More

Adriana Ramić

Adriana Ramić is based in New York City, and currently working, among other projects, on a longterm research on the question of materializing systems of cognition and chronologies. Her work has been exhibited in Witte… More

Mariona Moncunill

Mariona Moncunill (Tarragona, 1984) lives and works in Barcelona. She has a BA in Fine Arts and a MA in Cultural Management by the University of Barcelona and is currently doing her PhD at… More

Tamar Latzman

Tamar Latzman (b. Israel) works in the media of video and still photography. She received her MFA from S.V.A, New York (2010), studied Fine Art at The School of Art, Hamidrasha, College, Israel, and… More

Phanos Kyriacou

Phanos Kyriacou was born in Nicosia (1977), Cyprus and graduated from Middlesex School of Fine Arts (Quicksilver Place) in London. In 2007 he completed his MFA at Goldsmiths University of London and currently living… More

Juan-Pablo Villegas

Juan-Pablo Villegas sees filmmaking as a way to bring together his interest in images & sound. It takes as a starting point the body’s perception of external stimuli & how that influences our personal… More

Maria Toumazou

Maria Toumazou (b. 1989, Nicosia) is an artist and curator working in Nicosia, Cyprus. She completed her BA in Art Practice at Goldsmiths College and MFA at Glasgow School of Art. She is the co-founder… More

Hannah James

Hannah James graduated from The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam in 2014. Recent exhibitions include: Resting Bitch Face, Attent, Rotterdam, 2016 (solo); Heads, Pracownia Portretu, Lodz, 2016 (solo); Left Hand to Back of Head, Object… More

Jason Hendrik Hansma

Jason Hendrik Hansma was born in 1988, Lahore, Pakistan. NL/AUS. He studied at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam and was a participant at the Jan van Eyck, Maastricht. He lives and works in Rotterdam,… More

Kaspars Groševs

Kaspars Groševs (b. 1983) is an artist and curator based in Riga. Some of recent solo shows are Dancing Water (with Ieva Kraule) at Futura, Prague (2016); Didn’t have wi-fi, so I started to paint at… More

Daniel J. Glendening

Daniel J. Glendening works and teaches in Portland, Oregon. He is pursuing a research-driven practice that takes many forms, including objects, images, actions, and writings, in digital and physical space. Much of his work… More

Allison Gibbs

Allison Gibbs (b.1978) is an artist working between Glasgow, Scotland and Melbourne, Australia. Recent exhibitions and screenings include CURRENT: Contemporary Art from Scotland, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2016/17); Historicode: Scarcity & Supply, The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival,… More

Julia Geerlings

Julia Geerlings (born 1985, Amsterdam) is a freelance curator and writer based in Amsterdam and Paris. Geerlings studied Art History at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and at the Free University of Berlin. Geerlings writes… More

Laurent-David Garnier

Garnier’s practice navigates around benign objects through olfactive lens and History. The notion of volatility, tubes and terrestrial gravity interest him. Their success or failure too. – conducted and realised the SMELL INTERVIEW. Volunteers… More

Josh Bitelli

Josh Bitelli works across film, performance and installation. Recents projects follow an ongoing body of research into the politics of healthcare. He has worked with members of the London Doctors Choir and various other… More

Laurence Wagner

Laurence Wagner (b. 1984) grew up in Switzerland where she studied History of Art, French Literature, History and aesthetics of cinema at the University of Lausanne before doing a Master in Critical Curatorial and… More

Cecilia Lopez

Cecilia Lopez is a composer, musician and instrument builder from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work explores the boundaries between composition and improvisation, as well as the resonance properties of diverse materials through the creation of… More

Alberto García del Castillo

Alberto García del Castillo curates and writes on communities, feminism and queer. Plays his and other people’s writings and works. And collaborates with others in multiple combinations. Alberto has recently published “Oslo” in Girls Like… More

Mike Crane

Mike Crane is an artist raised in Bogotá, Colombia and currently based in New York. He is a graduate of the Cooper Union School of Art and studied at Hunter CUNY. Previous exhibitions include… More

Chloe Cooper

Chloe Cooper uses performative tours, lectures and instructional videos to propose something quite improbable to groups of people to be worked through together. This something quite improbable normally splashes about in the rocky waters of… More

Beth Collar

Beth Collar was born in Cambridge, England in 1984. She studied in London and currently ‘lives’ in Berlin and maybe Bristol too. Recent exhibitions include Tall Tales at the Glasgow Women’s Library, Tarantallegra at Hester,… More

Anna Clawson & Nicole Ward

Clawson & Ward (b. 1986/87, N. Ireland). Activities include: Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone, CCA Derry~Londonderry touring programme (2016-17); EBC Takeover (as part of Art Licks Weekend), The Bomb Factory, London (2016); Gone Fishing, Assembly… More

Kent Chan

Kent Chan is an artist, filmmaker and curator based in Singapore and Amsterdam. His practice revolves around our encounters with art, fiction and cinema that explore the links between aesthetic experience and knowledge production…. More

Andrea Zucchini

Andrea Zucchini (b.1987, Brescia, Italy) lives and works in London. In his practice he explores the convergence of different fields of knowledge, juxtaposing the scientific to the mythological, the geologic to the cosmological. The… More

David Bernstein

David Bernstein (1988, San Antonio, Texas) is an artist based in Amsterdam and Brussels. He combines performance, sculpture, and writing to tell stories through objects. Cheers to the Miss standing under the table doing… More

Sanna Helena Berger

Sanna Helena Berger (b. Sweden, lives in London and Berlin) works predominately with relational and/or site-specific installation, text and performance. Berger’s works are often participatory, relying on the audience and their social labor as… More

Thomas Tsang

Thomas Tsang was born in Borneo, Malaysia. Trained in architecture, worked as artist and curator based in Hong Kong, and founder of DEHOW PROJECTS. His work integrates artistic practice with architecture in installations and… More

Natalie Diaz

Natalie Diaz was born and raised in the Fort Mojave Indian Village in Needles, California, on the banks of the Colorado River. She is Mojave and an enrolled member of the Gila River Indian… More

Corinne Mynatt

Corinne Mynatt is from Nashville, Tennessee, lives and works in London, UK. Corinne completed a Masters Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), and BA Fine Art at Central St Martin’s London and Pratt… More

Adam Cruces

Adam Cruces is an artist who was born in 1985 (Houston, TX, USA), currently living in Zurich, CH. He received his BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in 2008, and his MFA from Zürcher… More

David Stein

David Stein was born in Philadelphia, PA. He lives and works in Queens, NY, received an Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Chicago, and an Masters in Fine Arts from the… More

Shama Khanna

Shama Khanna is a curator, educator and writer based in London where she curates ‘Flatness’, a multi-format research and commissioning project. Khanna has presented screening and discussion events relating to ‘Flatness’ at international venues… More

PWR Studio

PWR is occupied with practical and speculative investigations into present and future communication systems. Current fields of interest include crypto-governance and the thermodynamics of info-capital. Additionally, PWR is a service provider in the areas… More

Ciarán Wood

Ciarán Wood (b. 1988 Liverpool, UK) is an artist based in London who predominantly works with video installation. His work originates in historical and personal video footage, using the medium to revisit and reposition… More

Lars Laumann

Lars Laumann graduated from the National Art Academy , Oslo (1995-2001) and Nordland Art and Film School in Kabelvåg, Norway (1993-1995). Lars Laumann, Norwegian artist known for his videos, sculptures and installations. He has… More

Bridget Currie

Bridget Currie calls her practice sculpture although works may involve performance, writing, food and painting. The things she makes reveal a curiosity about how the forces of life and death act to make the… More

Hanni Kamaly

Hanni Kamaly is a research-based artist working with sculpture, video and performance in which she explores subject/object theories and ontology as it relates to borders of existence and boundaries of subjectivity. Her recent and… More

Travis Jeppesen

Travis Jeppesen (b.) American novelist and poet currently living in Berlin. For more than a decade, Travis Jeppesen has been regarded as one of the more iconoclastic practitioners of literary art criticism in his essays, reviews,… More

Gianmaria Andreetta

Gianmaria Andreetta was born in Switzerland. He is a writer and an artist based in The Netherlands. Gianmaria recently finished a MFA inCritical Studies at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Prior to that, he worked as… More

Hugo Scibetta

Hugo Scibetta lives and works in he city of Grenoble where he has graduated from the School of Art & Design in 2015. He regularly works with Levy.Delval gallery and has shown his work… More

Erik Martinson

Erik Martinson (Canada/Latvia) is an independent curator based in London, UK. He worked in Toronto at Vtape, a not-for-profit video art distributor, from 2005-2014 and was a member of the Pleasure Dome curatorial collective… More

Ben R. Clement

Ben R. Clement (b. 1989) is an artist from Auckland, New Zealand who is currently studying at the Stādelschule under prof. Peter Fischli. His practice examines narratives of transgression and emotional investment in relation… More

Anna Zett

Anna Zett is an artist and writer, born in Leipzig, living in Berlin. Once trained in theory, she is now trying to link past and future using screen, voice, story and performance. Zett’s work has been presented at museums, galleries, film festivals,… More

Enterprise Projects

Enterprise Projects is a project space in Athens, Greece run by Vasilis Papageorgiou and Danai Giannoglou. It functions independently and periodically since September 2015 and is experimenting with the curatorial proposal, the artistic creation,… More

Vikram Uchida-Khana

Vikram Uchida-Khanna – lives and works in Oslo and Vancouver. His writing has appeared in Billedkunst journal. He is currently writing a play about human history from the point-of-view of dogs, plants and rocks and studying Proto-Indo-European…. More

Anna Bella Papp

Anna Bella Papp (b. 1988, RO) currently lives in Antwerp. Artist likes to draw her inspiration from immediate surroundings and to make intuitive choices in terms of subject matter depending on what attracts her the… More

Jenine Marsh

Jenine Marsh (b. 1984, CA) is an artist based in Toronto. Jenine’s recent exhibitions include: “Dear Stranger” at Entrrée, Bergen, 2017. “In a world of weeds, all roses are wild” at Beautiful, Chicago, 2016. “Everyday War”… More

James Lewis

James Lewis (b.1986, UK). Lives and works in Vienna. While at Rupert, Lewis will be developing a series of works that function like a theatre prop – they conjure a scene, an atmosphere, a staging…. More

Julie Béna

Julie Béna works on environments that draw inspiration from the world of literature, film, theater and popular culture. Béna studied at the Villa Arson in Nice and attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie at Amsterdam. In… More

Mårten Spångberg

Mårten Spångberg is a choreographer living and working in Stockholm. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that he has approached through experimental practices and creative process in multiplicity of formats and… More