Creative Ecosystems is a network based project, funded by Nordic Culture Point.

The goal of the project is to strengthen artistic and cultural cooperation in the Nordic region and the Baltic countries, as well, via the network of strong partners, to develop, explore and research the ways of working in the interdisciplinary fields of art, science and technology while sharing and developing different mentoring methods and systems for emerging artists.

The project is a collaboration of partners who see a need and potential to explore interdisciplinary collaborations within these three fields and who feel that it’s important to be creating ecosystems where emerging artists have the mentorship to navigate and thrive in these fields.

The project consists of:

-consulting for beginning artists
-research on different mentoring methods through staff exchanges between partner institutions
-learning from each other by attending and conducting mentoring sessions

Project partners:

-Notam – Norwegian center for technology, art and music (Norway)
-KAI – A contemporary art center (Estonia)

Project is running September 2020 – September 2021 

Curated by creative technologist and educator Rūta Kruliauskaitė.