7 October 2014, 11 pm
Photo reportage

A River Ferry by Educational Program Alumnus Justinas Dūdėnas

Justinas Dūdėnas – architect, semiotician and 2013-2014 Educational Program alumnus – successfully trialled his new ferry project on October 4th. In continuation of his program project, Dūdėnas’ unique swing ferry connected the premises of Rupert to Verkiai regional park (its palace, watermill and other sites). The ferry utilises motorless technology to transport visitors “from one remote cultural area to another”. We enjoyed a relaxed drift along the river’s waters aboard the circular craft, taking in the view and appreciating the short journey that usually entails a 10km-round trip to the nearest bridge to reach the same destination. During the Educational Program, Dūdėnas undertook experimental research into the architecture of Valakampiai and its surrounding areas; this ferry developed as a response to the mix of constructed and uncultivated space, creating links where none yet exist and bridging natural gaps. This was only a one-time trial for the moment, though hopefully the ferry will run frequently during the summer months of 2015.

The project was initiated by dreams of Rupert and Justinas, and given form by superteam of Justina, Šarūnas, Donatas and Ignas.