30 June, 2016

Rupert’s New Publications Launched

Rupert is happy to present two new publications published this month as a part of the project “Double Bind”. ‘A Solid Injury to the Knees’ (Rupert, 2016) is an anthology of essays, short stories and speculations on depression’s percolation into politics and its fraught relationship to productivity. It is edited by writer and curator Maya Tounta and features contributions by Florian Cramer, Travis Jeppesen, Nina Power, Joshua Simon, and Marina Vishmidt. The book is presented alongside ‘Double Bind’, an exhibition catalogue documenting a larger project of the same title consisting of five exhibitions, a lecture series and a series of workshops produced by Rupert in collaboration with the The Living Art Museum (Iceland) and the Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway) and curated by Maya Tounta and Justė Jonutytė.

‘Double Bind’ sought to imagine a language of failure, commissioning works that deliberately exposed their weaknesses or referred to uncertainties, insecurities and other nefarious elements of failure involved in any process of production. ‘A Solid Injury to the Knees’ is a literary addition to this exploration beginning with an interest in depression’s inhibitive effect on productivity and continuing to look further into depression as a filter through which to consider larger manifestations of struggle, whether economic, sociopolitical or personal.

Both books are published by Rupert with kind support from the EEA Financial Mechanism and Lithuanian Republic, under the Programme LT07, and are freely downloadable here:

A Solid Injury to the Knees
Double Bind

The project “Interdisciplinary Art Project Politics of Emotion: Art in the Expanded Sphere” is a collaboration between Rupert (Lithuania), The Living Art Museum (Iceland) and the Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway).