Aneta Rostkowska

Aneta Rostkowska is a curator and researcher based in Poland, a graduate of de Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam. She studied philosophy, economics and art history in Kraków, Poznań, Heidelberg and Frankfurt am Main. She is a cofounder of initiatives dedicated to the current socioeconomic situation and the city of Kraków, of which artistic projects form an important part (i.e. After Capitalism, Salt, Urban Project). Since 2005, she has been teaching art theory, art history, philosophy and logic at various academic institutions in Kraków. In 2012 together with Jakub Woynarowski she developed the concept of ‘gonzo curating’, a creative practice conceived as a process of appropriation of any phenomena by means of constructing a semifictional narrative around it.

While at Rupert, Aneta and fellow residents Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson and Marnie Slater introduced break-dance acticities / workshop and raised a question: do you know how to change your philosophy by dancing?