Anna Reutinger

Anna Reutinger (USA/Germany) works between sculpture, installation and performance to propose a return to craft in defiance of capitalist production cycles and as seed for social, material and environmental empathy. Oscillating between incidental and intentional gestures, she uses found material and social input to expose the transitory nature of things and beings, and their interconnection.
At Rupert, she will conduct research into apotropaic symbology in the ornamentation of vernacular objects, conducting a series of interviews with researchers and craftspeople from Vilnius and beyond. With textual and sculptural output, she will investigate how traditional craft can carry symbology to transmit mythopoetic ideas of the past, and how this method is and can be implemented today to promote collective visions of the present and future.

Morte liiiiiiiiiiiife, still naaaaature with Garance Wullschleger
Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague, 2019
Photo Credit: We Give You Good

Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe