Anna Zett

Anna Zett is an artist and writer, born in Leipzig, living in Berlin. Once trained in theory, she is now trying to link past and future using screen, voice, story and performance. Zett’s work has been presented at museums, galleries, film festivals, universities and broadcast on public radio. Besides she is currently co-hosting the participatory dance show Copy&Dance based at Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin.

At Rupert Anna was doing research for a new video project, trying to grasp the phenomenon of electricity at the intersection of neuroscience, computer science and personal fiction. Also she was developing a deck of Tarot cards, based not on a Christian medieval cosmos, but on the mythical age of the Weimar Republic, also called the Golden Twenties. At that time holistic ideas were flourishing among German scientists and artists, while a new world was in the making: superficial, extreme and contradictory. As a closed system of references, this new card deck can serve as a non-linear script, useful both for personal fortune telling and for political reflection about past and present.