Antoine Donzeaud

Antoine Donzeaud (born 1985 in Vitry-sur- Seine, FR) lives and works in Paris. He studied painting at UCLA and graduated from Villa Arson in Nice. He is the co-director of the project space Exo Exo along with curator Elisa Rigoulet. Since Fall 2013 they have presented shows and projects by international artists and curators. As an artist he has shown in institutions such as Rupert, Vilnius ; Rivoli2 Foundation, Milan and has had gallery shows at Valentin, Paris ; Ashes/Ashes, Los Angeles ; Nicodim, Bucharest.

Donzeaud’s works tend to form the spatial completion of a mental urbanization which devises new layout plans according to the space and its architecture. Through the mediums of painting, sculpture or video, he develops installations that subtly balance creation and re-invention with a rawness reminiscent of youthful nonchalance. His works convey simple gestures both pictural and sculptural, often laced with irony. Borrowing from art history, literature and vernacular culture Donzeaud addresses social interactions and narratives, both virtual and IRL, evolving in a staged environment but ever so close to home.