Bridget Currie

Bridget Currie calls her practice sculpture although works may involve performance, writing, food and painting. The things she makes reveal a curiosity about how the forces of life and death act to make the world. For the last ten years she has been building a highly personal lexicon of forms and actions with materials such as wood, bread, salt, clay, cloth, vegetables and their qualities. Currie has a long standing interest in Animism as a parallel system for understanding art. She investigates the borders of aliveness and presence through an abstract sculptural practice. Objects may be visitors to the animate world and protagonists on equal terms through practices like puppetry and performance (partners in a movement), staging (the arena is set) or fermentation (alive on a cellular level).

At Rupert she has presented a reading performance of ‘Theory of Meadowness‘ a piece for three characters; a short form of which was presented in Blog form for the recent Baltic Triennial. The fictional text works with ideas of presence of objects, attraction, art production and consumption. The performance took place during Open Studio event in Rupert residency.