Rupert’s residencies: Howard Melnyczuk ‘Eighteen Black Cats’

Rupert is pleased to announce a preview of new works from Howard Melnyczuk’s Eighteen Black Cats series. The preview opens on 23 April and will run through to 25 April 2021 at Tech Arts… More

Tutors of Alternative education programme 2021

Meet the tutors of the 9th edition of the Alternative education programme: Laura Wilson is interested in how history is carried and evolved through everyday materials, trades and craftsmanship. She works with specialists to… More

Last Residency of 2020

We exchanged quite a few emails with James St Findlay before his residency. Regulations for international arrivals were changing almost daily. He was understandably worried about the flight, tests, isolating — now seemingly permanent… More

Open Call for 9th Rupert Alternative Education Programme

Rupert kindly invites you to apply for the 9th edition of the alternative education programme, which will take place between May and December 2021. The deadline for applications is Sunday, 18 April (midnight EET). … More

2021 Rupert theme – Magic and Rituals

In 2021 Rupert is working with the theme of magic and rituals and how they shape our world through different contemporary expressions. For millennia magic and rituals created worlds, long before the idea of… More