Ceci Moss

As a curator, writer, and educator with two decades of professional practice, Ceci Moss is dedicated to leveraging art to foster empathy, human connection, intellectual exchange, and creative experimentation. Her work is driven by a commitment to advancing a more just and equitable world.

Currently, Ceci Moss serves as the Director and Chief Curator of the Mandeville Art Gallery at UC San Diego, a pioneering contemporary art institute, while also teaching Museum and Curatorial Studies in the Department of Visual Arts. She previously founded and directed Gas, an innovative mobile art platform in Los Angeles, with all activities archived online. Moss holds a PhD and MA in Comparative Literature from New York University and a BA in History and Sociology from UC Berkeley. Her first book, “Expanded Internet Art: Twenty-First Century Artistic Practice and the Informational Milieu,” is part of Bloomsbury’s International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics series.

Over the years, Ceci has held various teaching positions and worked in non-profit arts organisations in curatorial, editorial, and fundraising roles. Her curatorial projects include numerous exhibitions, public art commissions, programs, and publications, reflecting a broad and impactful career in the arts.

Ceci plans to use her residency to conduct research for her second book project, “Mutual: Movement Building in the Arts” which is an anthology of edited conversations with leading artists, curators, critics, activists and theorists that aims to plant seeds for paradigmatic changes within the art sector. By inviting a chorus of voices to address foundational issues such as funding, community, space, tools and time through the frame of today’s compounding crises, readers will become empowered to rethink their own work and orientation to contemporary art practice. Ceci is interested in exploring Lithuania’s art scene in depth through this project, with an emphasis on grassroots and artist-run spaces in Vilnius. She will also teach a two-day workshop through the Alternative Education Program.

Cover of Expanded Internet Art: Twenty-First Century Artistic Practice and the Informational Milieu