Cecilia Lopez

Cecilia Lopez is a composer, musician and instrument builder from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work explores the boundaries between composition and improvisation, as well as the resonance properties of diverse materials through the creation of non-conventional sound devices. She studied composition with Carmen Baliero and Gustavo Ribicic. She holds an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College NY and an MA from Wesleyan University in composition (2016). Her work has been performed at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Festival Internacional Tsonami de Buenos Aires, Floating Points Festival at Issue Project Room (NYC), Ostrava Days Festival 2011 (Ostrava, Czech Republic), MATA Festival 2012 (NYC), Experimental Intermedia 2015 (NYC) and Kunsternes Hus (Oslo). She was a Civitella Ranieri fellow in 2015. She has collaborated in projects with Carmen Baliero, Carrie Schneider and Lars Laumann among others.

During Rupert residency Cecilia Lopez took part in ‘Unbuilt’- collaboration project between poet (Natalie Diaz), a visual artist (Lars Laumann), and an architect (Thomas Tsang). Resisting and upholding the disciplinary practices of each artist their work examines and questions the nature of imagination and ambition in plans without a predetermined “object”. The collaborative eye is not a single lens for each artist to look through – instead, it is the single steady gaze of each artist. How are artists inspired or stifled by the pressures of gazing at a collaborative process versus looking forward toward the collaboration’s outcome? The archive of these relationships will result in a future-archeological artifact named as such because it documents a building process that will never become a built body. By the end of the residency, on 26th of August 2016, artists have given a presentation in the CAC reading room. During the event, called ‘Built’, artists shortly discussed their past individual work contextualizing it around the ‘Unbuilt’ project.