Edvinas Grinkevičius

Edvinas Grinkevičius (b. 1988, LT) is a curator, cultural manager and cultural journalist, currently based in Kaunas. Grinkevičius has worked as a curator of Kaunas Artists’ House residency programme from 2017. Since 2016 Grinkevičius has been one of the initiators and co-curators of WE ARE PROPAGANDA, the counter-culture queer movement, also an active member of the social centre ‘Emma’, a space of left political thought and alternative culture. The same year marked the beginning of performing terrorist drag DJ performances under the name of Querelle. The broad spectre of his practice consists of curatorial and artistic activities, all connected through an active interest in leftist and queer ideas and practices, which aim to provide artistic practices with a transformative potential especially within institutionalised structures. ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ is an alternative archive of non-heterosexual sex practices enacted within the framework of WE ARE PROPAGANDA, a counter-culture queer movement consciously rejecting the clear framework of an exhibition or a directed piece.  Grinkevičius is interested in creating a safe space for the queer community to share their experiences and stories, using non-heterosexual sex practices as a tool for activism and a weapon against the boredom of heteronormative society. This project is a suggestion for the LGBTQ community to reclaim its sexuality and use it as a tool to gather together, while also reclaiming it against the tendency of heteronormative society to use sexuality as a tool of fear-mongering. In a way, the project serves as a homage to the historical reclaiming of queerness as a whole.