Églantine Laprie-Sentenac

Working with a wide variety of mediums and techniques, Églantine Laprie-Sentenac has constructed several series of sculptures, structures and volumes that house collected objects.

More recently working with wrapping paper, postcards and gift ribbons, Églantine plays with the idea of containers that aren’t holding anything. The notion of gift is put into question: What does it mean to (not) give something, and inversely, what does it mean to (not) receive from someone? 

Through the manipulation of images, material and found items, her work is infused with remembrances that feel new. While enveloping and de-enveloping objects on their own, an interesting game of hide-and-seek is manifested that questions notions of intimacy and affectivity. Her sculptures are habitats for things we don’t know yet.

Églantine Laprie-Sentenac holds a MA in Fine Arts from the ENSBA Lyon (2021).

(the text was written by Henriette Gillerot)