[:lt]Eleni Papazoglou

Eleni Papazoglou (Greece) is an Athens-born designer, researcher and producer. She lives and works in London, where she completed MA at the Royal College of Art and a BA at Camberwell College of Arts. Eleni’s current research explores participation and social dynamics as observed within institutionalised settings. Her practice, of curatorial, written and visual form, reflects on contemporary corporeal social phenomena and public engagement.

For her residency at Rupert, Eleni has proposed a series of performative workshops that will culminate to the creation of a Manual exploring the significance of the body within moments of institutionalised collectivity. By combining a range of re-enactments, as well as playful experiments, the resulting Manual aims to explore the configurations of responsibility and care as they unfold within the workplace. A collection of thoughts, a series of actions and reflections, a research process and simultaneously the collective creation of an outcome, the project explores the body as both a metaphorical and a practical support structure within vocational contexts.