Ella Jo Skinner

Ella Skinner is a Welsh audio-visual artist. Ella’s multidisciplinary approach to art-making seeks to break down distinctions between genre and disciplines to find a unified art form that can be experienced by all six senses. Her work provokes visceral, bodily and sensual reactions within the viewer that cannot be articulated through language and moves beyond ideas of history, society and politics. Taking inspiration from Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty and the British Anti-Psychiatry movement, she uses her work to find a means of communication away from social structures that successfully captures the primal, expressive body of the human.

Skinner specialises in synthetic plastics such as latex and resin, installation, sound and film. She works closely with musicians and producers to deliver artistic direction for projects both in the UK and abroad. She has previously been commissioned by Manchester Collective for their debut LP The Centre is Everywhere in collaboration with the seminal composer Phillip Glass, released on Icelandic producer Valgeir Sigurðsson’s label Bedroom Community in 2021. She has further been commissioned by independent production houses and record labels in Los Angeles, California and the North of England. Artist also has a background in arts within the mental health and education sector.