31 May–30 June, 2013

Gediminas G.Akstinas

Words overheard on a sunny day lead me to another memory-image – a hammock among trees. The memory evoked by these words, though does not interact directly with the sunlight, contains it inside. [1]

Sunlit things or events are seen while we listen to a fairy-tale, read a book or remember a dream.
Among reflections and reflectors things and phenomena act as if by themselves, sometimes meeting each other in no-time.

The exhibition in the CAC Reading Room, in the former exhibition space, emerged from thinking about lines, the functional lines that are scaffolded by the free lines and determined by them.

G.G. A

[1] For example, if in this text the letters M in the word hammock were formed by a shadow falling from tree branches, the rest of the word (haock) becomes a patch of the sun for some time.
Most often tree branches create an impression of these letters — K V y T L V MW Z

CAC Reading Room, 31st of May, Friday, 6pm