Gerda Paliušytė

Gerda Paliušytė (b. 1987) is a Lithuanian video artist and curator currently living and studying in Amsterdam. In 2012-2015 together with Inesa Brašiške she initiated and curated The Gardens – an exhibition space based in Vilnius planetarium, which was dedicaded for the presentation and dissemination of the Lithuanian contemporary art. Her last projects include The Road Movie, a docufiction film that has been commisioned and represented by XII Baltic triennial in 2015,  “more not yet” – an ongoing  series of exhibition documentaries and the new film “A Desire For Things To Work” that maps the voices of the phone sex workers in Amsterdam and which was presented in the 22nd Vilnius film festival in 2017. She also curated “Futures” , a group exhibition in Vilnius Contemporary Art Center in 2017. In her work Paliusyte has been addressing the limits of different representational regimes  and the flow of time.

In Rupert, Gerda Paliusyte was developing a script of The Road Movie. “The Road Movie (2015) is a partially scripted documentary that follows the members of rap duo ONYX on a day trip through Vilnius. Their 1993 hit Slam was among the first American rap songs to reach the country after its independence, and it became deeply rooted in local culture. The two African-American rappers walk around a city for which they are symbols of both pop stardom and social transformation – swaggering, amused and dramatically at odds with their surroundings. The film could be seen as a slapstick take on cultural history – both its reliance on stereotypes and its arbitrary nature. It could also be a melancholy portrait of a city 20 years after a unique moment in its past, asking which promises have been fulfilled and which have not.” / Vincenzo Latronico, frieze, Issue 75