Hanna Järvenpää

Hanna Järvenpää (b. 1980, Orivesi). Järvenpää studied fine art at the North Carelia Polytechnic, later specialized in art graphics and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Institute of Fine Art and Design 2003. The artist has had several solo exhibitions around Finland and her pieces have been shown among others in exhibitions ARTISTS 2012 (Artists’ Association of Finland), WAR or PEACE ?, Borders (Union of Finnish Art Associations) And NEW MUU 2012 (Other Artists` Association). Themes of human behavior and being human are involved in Järvenpää`s work. Evil exists inside everyone and moral codes are different among nationalities and religions. Death is often attended not as fearful but as a final truth that unmasks material vanity from everyone. Among the nowadays hectic life Järvenpää`s pieces aim to stop for a moment.

In Rupert she will proceed with her exploration of paper and textile materials, transforming them into folding pieces. Experimenting with various techniques, the formerly thin and soft materials gain steady three-dimensional forms. During the beginning stage of the project the artists is interested in working with commonly found materials such as second hand fabrics, newspapers etc. in order to produce objects that can also be left behind in the surroundings.