In Partnership with the National Gallery of Art: XYANA

We would like to introduce you to our current resident XYANA, hosted in Rupert in partnership with National Gallery of Art

XYANA (BY/UK) is a multimedia artist and researcher. Their work is a collage of personal stories and histories, video footage, physical devices and biomatter. This is usually assembled into installations using different software and hardware. Their current research interests are nuclear technologies, chemical pollution and the effects of radioactivity on living systems. They are fascinated by exclusion zones, fungi, technological infrastructures and interfaces.

While in Rupert residency, they have been working on the High Technology Park project, which is an excursion into the history of Akademharadok and the punk community in Minsk. This project is developed for  If Disrupted, It Becomes Tangible. Infrastructures and Solidarities beyond Post-Soviet Condition, a group exhibition that will open at the National Gallery of Art on 31 March 2023. The exhibition, curated by Aleksei Borisionok and Antonina Stebur, will bring together artistic, activist and academic positions from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Sakartvelo, Poland and Lithuania which are fighting against russian imperialism and the destructive colonial hierarchy in the region. 

Photo credits: Noriyuki Suzuki