Isabel Mallet

Isabel Mallet currently lives and works in New York. She listens for ongoing modes of resistance in the world, paying careful attention to the materials and objects that make up her immediate surroundings. Her work synthesizes architecture, photography, sound, performance, writing and film; it is intended for bodies in space. She runs the online magazine and is the current poetry editor of Fieldnotes Journal.

During a two-month residency at Rupert, she will collect past research and writing into the form of a book. This ten year long activity investigates the history of metallurgy and its relationship to economic development, proposing further transformations outside of (and beyond) capitalist value systems.

Images: Isabel Mallet, Vending Machine, 2019, repaired vending machine, sandblasted cans, dollar bills (above); Isabel Mallet, Wedges, 2017-2020, discarded steel bolts, sliced, forged and nickel-plated (below).