Ittah Yoda

Ittah Yoda (Germany/France/Japan) is a duo formed by Kai Yoda and Virgile Ittah, based between Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. The artists come from diverse backgrounds, and they have developed their artistic identity through digitally enabled cross-cultural creative collaborations. Focused on a strong interest in the unconscious, insecurity, and anxiety, the therapeutic relation between Ittah and Yoda leads to a potential new understanding of the self through re-enactment of trauma and repetitive behaviour patterns. They raise questions such as: is it possible to fuse multiple unconsciousness in order to create new collective experiences and forms, regardless of their origins? During their residency, they will collaborate with a writer for a new text piece related to the theme of rituals, magic, and fantasy, as well as undertake “Chronos”, a research and practice project. 

Exploring the performative dimension of their VR and sculpture installation through workshops, contemplating nature, and collaborations, they will attempt to create a new reality, bridging the virtual and physical realities, forming new landscapes and the world to come.

The residency of Ittah Yoda is supported by l’Institut français, Vilnius

Photo by Marine Tric