Jacob Dwyer

Santiago’s Shoulder

This is a photo of myself (right) and fellow resident Santiago Taccetti. It was taken in February 2018 outside a hospital in Vilnius. Earlier that evening we watched the ‘Lietuvos Rytas’ play basketball at the ‘Siemens arena’. Using a pair of binaural microphones I recorded the ultras chanting. In the third quarter of the game I looked at Santiago who had somehow dislocated his shoulder. This recording documents our transition from the stadium into the ambulance (to achieve the full 3D effect, please listen using headphones).

The recordings from this evening are part of a broader framework of a radio play that includes other audible subjects such as the multipart, polyphonic folk songs (Sutartinės) performed by Eglė Česnakavičiūtė and the ice that brushed against the banks of the river Neris by Rupert. In 2019, the work will be presented in Vilnius.