Jonas Vaitiekūnas

Jonas Vaitiekūnas (b. 1990, Lithuania) lives and works in Vilnius. He graduated from Sculpture, Vilnius Academy of Art in 2013. The artist recently participated in group exhibition of young artists ‘Unanswered Q’. Jonas describes his artworks as a flexible body based on experimentation and relation to various enviroments. Jonas creates installations out of materials found on exhibition sites. He is interested in intersection of imagination and reality that is discovered and perceived through intuition and improvisation.

While Jonas was a participant of Rupert’s Alternative Aducation Program, he drew an inspiration from text of Gaston Bachelard ‘Reflections of Daydreaming’. He aimed to use Rupert as a space for discussion and critical improvement seeking for beter fenomenon of daydreaming and its relation to understanding of artistic practice.