Julie Marie Mønsted

Julie Marie Mønsted (b. 1993) is a Copenhagen based artist whose practice is interdisciplinary with  video, performance and installation as main media.  She graduated from École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and is about to finish a  BA in art history at the University of Copenhagen. Her work spans over both artistic practice and art  theory.  She explores social and cultural phenomena through physical and visual experiments with the body,  the mind and the surroundings.  The uncanny is a recurring theme – and by creating small windows into twisted realities she tries to  give an expression to the invisible structures intertwining with our lives. Coming from a theater background storytelling is a natural element in the creations – as well as a  great interest in scenography.  The connection between physical spaces and inner states has recently been investigated in the video piece ANXIETY which is planned to be a part of a trilogy.  During the Alternative Education Programme she will explore rituals, habits and manners to do things otherwise. The imagination will be in focus in a challenge of the daily life and the autopilot.  In the end it will come together as a series of videos.