Katja Aufleger

Katja Aufleger (Germany) is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. After completing her graduate work at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, she has patiently honed an arts practice that uses form and content to open up new spaces of thought. At first glance, Aufleger’s sculptural and cinematic works are aesthetically seductive, but they often come with a conceptual twist. There is potential destruction and danger inherent in her works, either as pure theory or as a visual experience, yet they are within reach. The pleasure – and also the danger – of her art comes with the realisation that although the artwork is stable, as with any system, one small crack can destroy it. 

During her residency at Rupert, Aufleger will work on a film piece about swarms and clusters, adaptation and deception, and how prey can imitate the hunter.