Laura Marija Balčiūnaitė

Laura Marija Balčiūnaitė’s artistic practice, like herself, is wandering and observing life and society. After studying sound therapy in London, the artist now shares her knowledge in Lithuania. Laura works with the multi-layered human body, from the cosmic and erotic to the natural and self-loving. Through drawings, psychogeographical maps and sound performances, she explores sensual energy, passion, the need for tenderness, and the magic that transcends the human body and the senses. She explores notions of health practices, the relationship between sound, drawing and motion, as well as design and myth, approaching the aesthetics of fluidity from feminist and queer perspectives. Laura’s practice is guided by the belief that collective memory is stimulated and healed through stimulating the collective body. She uses automatic drawing and somatic movement in her work, while materials such as crystal bowls or petals help her navigate new forms of tenderness, revealing and exploring vulnerability.