marc n hörler

marc n hörler is a Berlin-based artist whose practice encompasses poetry, song, fragrance, writing, performance, education, and publishing. In working with language and the senses, marc composes spatial, sonic, and olfactory environments engaged in sensorial storytelling and diachronic allusions. The continuing project spell for… is situated within a research praxis on the magical and alchemical symbioses of linguistic and somatic articulation, exploring new registers of meaning and knowledge production. Currently, marc is co-developing, engaging in emancipatory world-making and obscure archaeologies. In 2021, marc’s ‘occult words diffusing remembrance of a scented future’ received the Werkbeitrag by Kunststiftung Appenzell.

marc takes the time at Rupert as a chance for calibration and focus and to continue the research and practice on olfactory culture, poetry, and song with the aim of creating scores, performances, and compositions based on situated research and exchange.

Image: spell for *bluescht, marc n hörler, marzella ruegge, raphael vuilleumier, kunstmuseum appenzell, 2021. © marc n hörler