Monday, 27 August 2012, 6pm. Meno avilys (Mokytojų namai, Vilniaus g. 39/6, Vilnius)
Event-based Screening

Mark Aerial Waller

The Wayward Canon presents

Dead of Night / Boundary Theory

+ +++ popcorns


Mark Aerial Waller (born in High Wycombe, UK in 1969. Lives and works in London) is an artist working in video, sculpture, drawing and event based practices. He produces interdisciplinary, cinematic time travelogues that refute any predictable balance between our romance for the ancient past and our fetish for a streamlined future. Waller defies conventional screening formats, integrating sculptural objects and live performances for an experience of cinema defined in spatial and situational terms. He is also the founder of The Wayward Canon, a platform for event-based interventions in cinematic practices.