Miriam Naeh

Miriam Naeh (UK) is a London based artist who works across moving image, sculpture and installation. She completed her MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London and BA at Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem. Her‎ works often stem from the outcome of blending opposite emotions, materials, and ‎narratives: myths, history, anxiety, humour, horror, nature, synthetics, banality and the sublime. By deconstructing the boundaries between intimate and foreign, she examines the use of different strategies of storytelling and the latter’s agency in reshaping collective histories.

During her residency at Rupert, she will explore and reinterpret the ‘Tailor-Stone’ myth, which is known in the Baltic region. According to folklore, Tailor-Stone tailored impractical luxurious clothes for landlords. When a landlord asked the Tailor-Stone to be thrown into the river because of its imperfect garments, the stone would reemerge on another river bank. Combining this tale with a research about Vilnius’ contemporary and historical fashion industry, she will work closely with the local tailors to imagine and (re)create the impractical playful clothes as if designed by the mythical stone.

Image: This is a Poem of Radical Loneliness, still image, single-channel 4K video with sound, 09:17 min, 2021