Open call for RUPERT internships

RUPERT invites applications from aspiring contemporary art professionals to join our team. We welcome applications from all international candidates, though we recommend you apply with adequate maintenance funds, such as Erasmus or other international mobility programmes.

Please select the internship programme which best suits your skills, interests, and goals; and provide a short statement why. While we cannot guarantee every request, we favour applications which relate strongly to Rupert’s activities.

Rupert offers two types of internships:

Residency programme curatorial assistant
Alternative education programme coordinator and curatorial assistant

The internship requires organisational skills, motivation, ability to use Google Drive and communication in English (C1). Experience in working with texts and knowledge of Vilnius cultural field and art production processes is an advantage.


Residency programme curatorial assistant:


An opportunity to collaborate with international artists in residence

Opportunities to make your own initiatives, i.e. join studio visits,
organise new events, and initiate creative projects

Interact with artists and international partner organisations

Work directly with Rupert’s curatorial team


Interest in curatorial work

Communicative and proactive attitude

Interest in international contemporary art

Hospitality and engagement with Rupert’s residents and guests


Alternative Education Programme curatorial assistant:


Close contact with emerging artists and researchers

Contribute to the coordination of small-scale public events

Participation in the Alternative Education Programme’s activities

Work directly with Rupert’s curatorial team


Motivation for both curatorial and coordination tasks

Empathy, ability to respect boundaries

Excellent time management skills

Ability to be a contact person for AEP participants

Internship duties can include assisting Rupert’s artists with production and practical issues, organising visits to cultural institutions, coordinating events, drafting texts in English, and assisting with the development of the Rupert programme.

The internship starts in July or September 2024.

Duration of the internship: 14 hours per week for at least 2 months, with the possibility of extending the internship. 

Interns have the opportunity to work on a flexible schedule and work both in Rupert’s office and sometimes remotely. This internship can also be part of a university placement. 

Application details

Applications are due 15 July 2024. 

Send us an email to, subject line Internship. Please attach (in one PDF): 

  • CV
  • A motivation letter of 200 words or less, and indicate the time period and programme you wish to apply for. 

We expect international internships to be at least 3 months in duration and prefer longer periods. Your travel, accommodation, and insurance must be covered separately or by a  mobility grant. 

The selection process will be conducted remotely and the chosen candidates will be contacted by email.