‘Other Rooms’ virtual tour

You can now visit Rupert’s exhibition, Other Rooms, virtually by following this link here: https://players.cupix.com/p/jHCKMlub

Please see below instructions on how to navigate the virtual tour. 

Choose either of the following two sections — ‘Kiti kambariai (Inside)’ / ‘Kiti kambariai (Outside)’ — to set your location. Click on the round yellow button for more information about the work. This will bring up a banner that includes hyperlinks. Click on them and you will be taken to Rupert’s website where you will have further information about the work in audio and text formats. For artists who made films, there will be hyperlinks to Rupert’s YouTube channel. To see more pictures of the artwork, click on the yellow image icon. Additionally, you can use the arrows to walk around the exhibition space. For quick access to each work, you can press on the ‘highlights’ at the bottom of the screen.

Photo: Other Rooms. Rupert. Lukas Mykolaitis, 2020